North Ridge: Alexandria’s Family-Friendly Community

North Ridge is a warm community of about 3,000 homes in Alexandria. It was named for the high ground it rests on in the northern part of the city. It’s tucked away among tree-lined streets of busy Northern Virginia, and has become a popular place to raise families. North Ridge is comprised of several smaller developments within it, including Braddock Heights, Beverley Hills, Timber Branch, Parkfairfax, Jefferson Park and Oak Crest.

History of North Ridge
According to the City of Alexandria website and the historic timeline from Extraordinary Alexandria, the town was first founded in 1749. When the District of Columbia was formed in 1791, parts of Alexandria were annexed to create it. Part of that land included North Ridge. This land was returned to Virginia in 1847. The North Ridge neighborhood was originally developed back in the 1920s, and further developed from the ’30s through the early ’60s. Many of the houses have since been remodeled, frequently with additions to make them significantly larger. There is a mix of different types of houses, from all brick to brick-based with siding on top and all siding. This variety adds to the charm and family-friendly atmosphere in the North Ridge community. The most common type of house is a two-story single-family dwelling with a basement, although there are condominiums in the vicinity as well.

Custom Remodeling in North Ridge, Alexandria
One of the advantages of the lots in North Ridge is that while they are often narrow or are built upon close to their boundary lines, they are deep. Some houses have already had additions put on, and some a second addition. Third stories and garages are popular custom remodeling projects, as are extra bedrooms, more spacious kitchens and built-out bathrooms. Today’s kitchen remodels in North Ridge frequently incorporate energy-saving appliances and green materials.

As one of the older neighborhoods of Alexandria, North Ridge has grown up along with the rest of the city. Its homeowners have made changes along the way to be a modern and environmentally-friendly place to live

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