Sarah’s Style File – January 2013

032113__sarah_forWebWelcome, I’m Sarah, Foster Remodeling Solutions’ Senior Design Consultant and I’ve created Sarah’s Style File as a monthly newsletter to highlight exciting remodeling projects that I’m working on here at FRS!! Each month I’ll send out before and after plans, renderings, and/or photographs of projects that I’ve recently completed or that I’m working on ranging from powder rooms to master baths, kitchens, and even additions. I hope you’ll join me each month and maybe get some ideas for some remodeling projects in your own home, welcome!!



Contemporary Kitchen
For this month’s highlighted project I have a gorgeous contemporary kitchen in a townhouse near Fairfax. When the clients came to me they had a lot of pictures and ideas about the kitchen, which was great! I love when clients bring photos that they like, or even dislike to a meeting; it really helps to start to create the vision for your dream space. In this particular home there were existing columns that weren’t load bearing, just used to visually divide the space, so we knew right away if we could get rid of them, we would! They also had a smaller angled island which they wanted to expand to create a clean modern, but classic kitchen design.


Project Challenges
One of the challenges of the project was the soffit, because of existing plumbing lines, it could not be removed, so instead of trying to mask it, we used it as an opportunity to show off the gorgeous 9′-0″ ceilings in the space. By ordering extra finish material to wrap around the drywall of the soffit and also adding a 2nd piece of trim a few inches down from the crown molding we were able to draw the eye upward and create a really nice detail.

Classic Finishes
The clients really wanted timeless finishes that would look gorgeous today as well as 10 years from now. This is one of the reasons I really love painted cabinets, they are classic and in the exquisite creamy white shade that we chose they will never go out of style. I also love painted cabinets because they allow you to get a little more exciting with the paint color to really make the cabinets POP! As I always tell my clients, of all the finishes, paint is fairly cheap and fairly easy to change, so if you want a splash of color, keep your expensive items like cabinets and countertops fairly neutral and really play up your color on the walls  so if in a few years you tire of it, change it out, add some new accessories, and it’s like a new kitchen all over again! Some of the other finishes we used were Porcelain floor tiles, ceramic tile backsplash, and Carrera Marble countertops, check out my video of the space for more details!


Thanks for joining me this month on Sarah’s Style File and I look forward to seeing you again in February!! As always, if you are thinking of remodeling, give me a call here at Foster Remodeling Solutions!

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written by: Sarah Wolf, Design Consultant