Sarah’s Style File – April 2013

032113__sarah_forWebWelcome to Sarah’s Style File, I’m Sarah, Foster Remodeling Solutions Senior Design Consultant and each month I’m bringing to you a feature project for you to experience the remodeling process with us!  For this month’s highlighted project I have chosen a beautiful spacious master bath with clean lines and luxurious details. As you can see from the floor plans, we certainly weren’t lacking space in this expansive en suite bath. With three existing vanities, two being sinks, a central tub, toilet closet, and corner shower all the components we wanted were existing, but we needed to upgrade the outdated builder grade finishes. Some of the clients’ goals of the space were to expand the shower and create a central focus at the tub with the stunning large window and cathedral ceiling above. In the after plans you can see we accomplished just that by expanding the shower, upgrading all the finishes, and creating quite a show stopping impression when you first walk in the double doors to the space.

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Before                                                             After

Before                                                            After

Customizing the Space
Good design is all in the details and this bathroom is filled with just those special features. In the shower, while we expanded it, we also wanted to customize it; as the clients found more daily use in the shower, so making that as comfortable as possible was a priority. The fixtures we included were a fixed Kohler shower head, four body sprays and a separate handheld on the adjacent wall. Many people find that having the separate handheld in the shower is not only great during bathing, but also becomes quite functional during the cleaning of the shower as well! Handheld showers can be installed on a hook or on a slidebar if the client wants adjustability of height. Given the extra space in the shower we also chose to install a corner bench which has become a more and more popular request, especially when the shower has space for some of those extra features. We also included custom sized niches, one larger for shampoos and other bottles and a smaller one below for soap, etc.

Rich Finishes
Since they are such a dynamic feature in the project, the Keyline semi-custom cherry cabinets were the top design element and first puzzle piece that we wanted to select. As you can see from the before photo, the client wanted to go to the opposite end of the spectrum on color. She really wanted a deep rich cherry with enough detail so that they felt substantial and filled out the space nicely. Often in smaller spaces, if you go with a heavily detailed style or finish it can make the space feel smaller, but in this room the dark tone really filled out the space and allowed the room to feel rich and luxurious without being over the top or opulent. The cherry wood’s chestnut stain and a black glaze really highlights the detailing of the doors which are especially on display at the gorgeous custom tub surround. By selecting Cambria Quartz for the countertops and tub deck, we had no concerns about sealing the product as it’s naturally non-porous. In the dark Edinburgh color it really anchored the cabinets nicely and the Ogee edge profile softens the darker color. Going with a larger scale (18″ x 18″) ceramic tile on the diagonal in a warm beige tone provided balance to some of the other heavier finishes. The Kohler plumbing fixtures in chrome added just the right about of sparkle to the space. In the shower and on the splash of the tub we installed a natural stone mosaic accent tile creating a subtle element by adding a scale and texture change without injecting a competing color into the space. The gorgeous cornflower blue walls added a touch of femininity and lightness to the space; it also balanced some of the more masculine finishes quite nicely. It’s also great to note that since a lot of our other finishes are fairly neutral, in a few years, should they choose, they could repaint the walls and update the accessories and it could feel like a whole new bathroom!


Thanks for joining me this month on Sarah’s Style File and I look forward to seeing you again in May! As always, if you have questions about a project or you are thinking about remodeling, give me a call here at Foster Remodeling Solutions!

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written by: Sarah Wolf, Design Consultant