Sarah’s Style File – October 2013


Welcome to Sarah’s Style File, I’m Sarah, Foster Remodeling Solutions Senior Design Consultant and each month I’m bringing to you a feature project for you to experience the remodeling process with us!  For this month’s highlighted project I have chosen a master bath remodel in Alexandria. While the layout remained the same, the updated materials and personalized details help to make this space much more functional for the couple.

Bathroom Remodel – After

Since we maintained the footprint of the bathroom, the major goals were to provide more storage and have a shower which would be functional both sitting and standing. In order to attain the first goal, we padded out the exterior wall behind the sinks which allowed us to recess the vanity cabinet and storage tower into the wall. This allowed for the full depth of storage, but provided more room for insulating the pipes since they were previously on the exterior wall (it is not recommended to have plumbing inside an exterior wall due to freezing). By adding the storage tower and drawers to the vanity we provided more usable storage space and by placing electrical outlets inside the storage tower everything could be tucked away nicely to maintain the fresh clean look. Inside the shower we installed two shower heads, one for the standing location and one just above our new built-in bench. Next to the bench is a handheld shower which is great for showering, but also quite helpful when it’s time to clean the shower! We also placed a grab bar horizontally at the bench and one vertically just inside the shower door for ease in entering and exiting the shower. Tucked behind the low wall is a recessed wall niche for additional shampoo and bottle storage. Layouts such as this one have become quite an in-demand project for those who want to consider aging in place or have experienced the difficulty of recuperating after surgery and by integrating all the functionality into the design, it looks great too!

Before                                                                    After

When selecting finishes for the bathroom we wanted to think of longevity in the style so that it will look timeless years from now. With that, we started by choosing maple cabinets with a praline stain, warm and neutral, these set the tone for the space. The door style we selected was a slab door with radius corners; this provides a simple clean look with the rounded corners softening the room and the flat surface making cleaning a breeze. This is definitely something to consider in a bathroom where you have a lot of products and steam, if you select a very detail-heavy door with a lot of intricacy and routing, be prepared to get out the Q-tips when cleaning! For the countertops we have a Cambria quartz surface in the color Buckingham. I’m sure I sound like a broken record on using Cambria, but it’s such a great product! The colors are gorgeous, it looks like a natural stone and it’s completely non-porous so you never have to seal it! Needless to say, it’s quite popular with clients. Pulling from the neutral tones in the countertop we chose a large format 18″ x 18″ brown ceramic floor tile installed on the diagonal. Even in a smaller space, large tiles are great because they minimize the grout lines providing a more monolithic look. Coordinating with the floor tile we have 2″ x 2″ mosaic tiles on the shower floor in brown and gray. This is one place where more grout is a good thing, not only are smaller tiles better for creating a nice even slope down to the drain, the extra grout around them provides more slip-resistance when showering. Coordinating with the floor tiles we pulled the brown tiles up the wall, accented by two bands of the mosaic and installed the lightest cream color in the center (on the diagonal as well) to lighten the space. This is a great example of using tiles of different scales in different patterns to create more visual interest. Many times clients don’t want an overly trendy accent tile (hello glass!) so this is a nice way to add the design element but still maintain timelessness in the space. To coordinate with the warm tones we selected all oil-rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures and accessories. Lastly, the paint is a lovely warm grey, one of my favorites from Benjamin Moore, Stone Hearth, which ties everything together nicely in a sleek and sophisticated way.

Bathroom Remodel – After

Thanks for joining me this month on Sarah’s Style File and I look forward to seeing you again in November!! As always, if you have questions about a project or you are thinking about remodeling, give me a call here at Foster Remodeling Solutions!

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written by: Sarah Wolf, Design Consultant