Sarah’s Style File – February 2014

Sarah - Foster Remodeling Staff
Welcome to Sarah’s Style File, I’m Sarah, Foster Remodeling Solutions Senior Design Consultant and each month I’m bringing to you a feature project for you to experience the remodeling process with us!  For this month’s highlighted project I have chosen a master suite addition in Fairfax. Knowing the clients wanted to stay in their home as long as possible; this renovation ensured them many more happy years in their home!



Before and After Home Remodeling







Before                                                                       After

The two goals of the project were to enclose the existing carport space as a garage and create a 1st floor master suite. Originally we had hoped to build a 2-car garage, however due to setback restrictions; we were limited to a 1 ½ car space. Though this only allowed for one car to be parked out of weather, it did allow for extra storage which is always great for lawn mowers, tools, etc. For the master suite we situated it behind the new garage space off of the existing dining room area, which was a perfect location, allowing for privacy and a view of the backyard. First floor master suites have become a very popular project that we get a lot of interest in. By eliminating stairs it extends the time that a family can stay in the home and feel independent, and by planning this type of project years before it is needed you can also enjoy the space instead of scrambling to make something work if an event or accident should occur requiring a no stairs space. The goals of the master suite spatially were simple, a nice sized bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom, and as you can see, we provided just that. By creating a small vestibule off the dining room it allowed for a little more privacy if guests are over and provides access to both a linen closet and the walk-in closet. The bedroom itself is a comfortable 225 square feet (16 ½’ x 13 1/2′) allowing for a balance of daylight with the windows and wall space for placement of furniture, which is definitely something you need to remember in a bedroom. Many clients think only about maximizing the window size for daylight, which is great, but keep in mind if you have so many windows there is no privacy and your curtains are pulled all the time there isn’t much of a point of spending all the money to put them in. A great balance is a clerestory window or in this case we installed a specialty circular window above the bed, providing design interest, daylight, and privacy. The bathroom space was efficiently laid out with a vanity, custom corner shower with bench, and a small nook for the toilet. As with all addition projects you must always weigh the scale between size and necessity and their new space addresses all of their needs without going overboard on size to maintain the overall budget.

Feb 02 Plans - Foster Remodeling Solutions

03_feb_bdrm Feb After Feb - Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc.
After                                                                           After

When the clients traveled to Puerto Rico they fell in love with the style and design motifs specifically at the El Convento Hotel in historical Old San Juan, so we wanted to integrate some of the colors and feel of that area into the suite. We started by selecting a dark chocolate stained for the oak flooring to really anchor the space. Mirroring this rich tone we highlighted the cathedral ceilings in the bedroom by installing faux-wood beams in a matching stain. These beams are a great option for those that have a higher ceiling and don’t want to incur the cost and weight of large pieces of lumber. They are manufactured with wood graining and what looks like hand-scraping so that once they are stained no one would ever know the difference! The decorative window with wrought iron details provides a lovely organic feel to the space and the warm yellow on the walls pulls everything together nicely. In the bathroom space we used a Lyptus wood for the cabinetry, for those of you unfamiliar with this wood it is actually harvested from Eucalyptus trees and because they are fast-growing (full growth in 14-16 years) are considered an environmentally responsible product. It also has a gorgeous rich graining which takes stains varying from light to dark nicely. In this case we chose a darker Sepia stain with a black highlight to showcase the detail of the door style which looks great! We also used this wood to trim the mirror above so that it really pops off the wall. Oil-rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures, accessories, and sconces add to the warmth of the space and provide more of a traditional feel. The Cambria countertops in Bradford are durable and easy to keep clean, especially on the bench top in the shower. The tile work in the space was the main location in the bathroom where we wanted to highlight the Puerto Rican theme. Hand-painted tiles provide an accent around the arch for the shower while more standard ceramic pieces provide a nice field for background and also helped to balance the budget. Inlaying a border of the same accent tiles on the floor pulls the eye around the room and using the same warm yellow from the bedroom ties the spaces together nicely.

Bathroom Remodeling

Shower - Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc.

Thanks for joining me this month on Sarah’s Style File and I look forward to seeing you again next year in March!! As always, if you have questions about a project or you are thinking about remodeling, give me a call here at Foster Remodeling Solutions!

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–Sarah Wolf – Senior Design Consultant