Remodeling: Basements & Lower Levels


Finishing a basement is great way to add living space to a home.  Additional living space can be gained without the cost of building an addition; saving costs on foundations, exterior walls and roof systems.  On average, the living space can be increased by as much as 33% for a typical two story home in our area.  Some common features included in a basement remodel may include the following:  Bedroom, Family Room, Bar, Exercise Room, Home Theater, Fireplace Update, Laundry Room or Home Office.

When remodeling a basement, it is important to take into account several factors.  By code, it is required that all finished basements must have an emergency escape opening as a means of egress in case of a fire.  The emergency egress can consist of a window with 5.7 square feet of clear opening that is less than 44” inches off of the floor with a 36” x 36” window well with ladder to escape.  Each bedroom in a basement must meet the requirement and a door will meet the code as well.  It is also important to start with a dry basement.  If water is present, it is recommended to have a sump pump along with a waterproofing system installed.  Backing up the sump pump with a battery also helps to keep the basement dry during a power failure.

Basement Remodeling

Adding a bedroom to a basement is popular use of space.  Visiting guests have their own private space or a growing family may need an additional bedroom.  With the cost of assisting living, many families are choosing to create a space in the basements for parents to live.
Remodeling Basements Lower Levels

Basements offer open space that can be finished for entertaining or for hosting the big game and can provide flexible space to accommodate numerous family functions.
Remodeling Basements Lower Levels - Foster Remodeling Basement Remodeling

Bars can be added for entertaining or for storing your prized wine collection.
Wine Bar - Foster Remodeling

Space can be dedicated for your own work-out room.
Work-Out Room - Basement Remodeling

Adding a home office is also a great use of the space.
Home Office - Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc.

Adding a gas fireplace is another great way to make the basement more comfortable.
Gas Fireplace - Basement Remodeling

When considering updates to your home; don’t forget to include the basement in your remodeling plans.  As you can you can see; the basement can be converted into additional living space that does not have to appear like an afterthought and can provide additional room in keeping with the character of your home.

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Written by Chris Arnold – Senior Design Consultant – Foster Remodeling Solutions