Bars, Cellars & Taps

Anyone who entertains from home with any frequency appreciates the value of a tricked-out space to kick back and relax. A bar presents the perfect entertaining accent that will keep the good times rolling while also giving the room an alluring focal point. Including bars, a nice wine cellar and even some taps in your home will take your next party to new heights!

 Bringing in a Bar


You don’t have to drink to appreciate a home bar. These versatile countertops and work spaces are ideal for entertaining, but can also serve a variety of useful functions during daily life. For instance, when you install a home bar near the kitchen, you are provided with more work-surface space for cooking and food preparation. When you install a bar in the family room, you instantly add a sturdy surface for games, homework, or hobbies, as well as a place for guests to gather and mingle.

Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of the bar serves a distinct function. This becomes a great place to hide all of the glassware and bar equipment that you use infrequently, while also becoming the perfect platform to show off collectibles and your prized bottles.

Creating More Storage

When planning your home bar, whether you’re contemplating a 24-inch counter extension or thinking about adding a 12-foot rail, organization is key. Talk with contractors and remodeling experts regarding organizational systems that can be installed in relatively small spaces to take advantage of every nook and cranny. Don’t forget about vertical space! You can augment your home bar with glass-racks, shelving and suspension fixtures to make the most of your headroom. Open-shelving is another option, used often when designing modern, space-efficient kitchens, to provide ample storage and a stream-lined look.

If beer and liquor isn’t your passion, consider incorporating a wine cellar into your home bar plans. A wine cellar is great for keeping your favorite vintage at exactly the right temperature and humidity to preserve all its delicate flavors. Whether you’re a wine novice with just a few bottles in the house at a time or a true connoisseur with hundreds of bottles to store, a wine cellar is a great option.

It’s All in the Details

Instead of installing a mini fridge to hold your favorite domestic or imported beers, consider opting instead for a few taps! You can tap a keg or two of a tasty microbrew to watch the big game or celebrate at your next big occasion. Not ready to commit to the plumbing that a wet bar could require? You can simply install a row of taps against the back wall to complete the look.

If you really want to make your new house a home, add a bar. These convenient and clever spaces can transform an odd-shaped or poorly configured area of the home and elevate it to the most popular place in the house. Guests and visitors to your home will appreciate the look and atmosphere that your home bar provides and will admire the custom features and authentic accents that you implement. If you want to enhance daily living while also providing a great multipurpose space for entertaining, construct your own home bar. The fun and whimsy of setting up your own bar is only rivaled by the many tasty concoctions that you will serve there!

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