Dynamic Duos


Combining two colors of wood in your kitchen can spice up any simple palette. Personalize the design with your favorite wood stains and let their contrast do the rest of the work. Creating a focal point with a darker dominant wash or stand out color helps to highlight the strength of your kitchen. This adds visual interest to an otherwise traditional and clean kitchen space. Other options include varying paint colors for upper and lower level cabinets, or outlining a specifically intricate or specific space such as a wine cabinet or the cabinets above and below the range.

duos2Keeping the fixtures the same throughout all the cabinets helps pull the entire look together as seen in the first photo using oil rubbed bronze or wrought iron while the second uses brushed nickel. Adding this second dimension to the design of your kitchen will create a layer of richness and comfort for the entire family to enjoy.



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Written by: Sara Armor – Guest Blogger – Foster Remodeling Solutions