Keep it Classy – Black and White Kitchens

classy1Yes, black and white is timeless and chic in every facet of design. However, this time we are changing the way you think about black and white – in your kitchen. Forget about old school ideas and imagine a sleek and creative inviting space. Sleek designs and minimal clutter make this a top look this year. Be sure to keep the two colors balanced to create a finished design.

Open up the space with high ceilings, light colored flooring, paint, and lower white cabinetry. Draw in the wow-factor with sleek black top countertops perhaps with a pinch of grey or white marbling. Get creative by adding a black wood bottomed island, a black dining room table, or a few feature black upper cabinets to better define the space. The key is to have a cohesive balanced design to blend the two shades together and create a new definition of timeless class.

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Written by Sara Armor – Guest Blogger – Foster Remodeling Solutions