How to Make the Most of Your Ceiling

91_baldinoAlthough the ceiling tends to be largely out of sight and out of mind, the right decorations on the ceiling can have a marked effect on the overall interior aesthetic. Patterns and colors can be used to highlight a central lamp, and the extra space often works well for designs that, when on the floor as a rug or painted on the walls, would easily become hidden from view after furniture is in place. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your ceiling.

Add A Custom Design

There are many options for ceiling decorations. Instead of painting the ceiling a flat white to complement the walls, you could adorn the ceilings with decorative designs that make them stand out from the rest of the house. For example, if you have white walls, then a multicolored floral pattern will definitely draw the eye, brighten the space and create an atmospheric effect in the room.

Ceiling designs are suitable for a wide array of artistic tastes; as another example, dark-colored vines creeping in from the corners to the overhead lamp in the center of the ceiling can give a foreboding effect. Of course, you can also lighten the mood significantly by eschewing the darkness and embracing the light with pale, creamy yellow hues that grow more saturated toward the center of the ceiling.

Experiment with Color

A ceiling painted a solid color may not be quite enough, by itself, to set your ceiling apart and make it eye-catching. However, adding in some designs – even regular, geometric ones like dots or rectangles – can add a nice visual touch to the room. You can even section off parts of the ceiling into regular, periodic patterns. This gives the room a more spacious look, and provides obvious regions into which you can place lighting. Because the ceiling is not a space that can become cluttered with furniture, a design pattern that you like enough to use it for your floors might be better suited to the ceiling. Swirls and traditional motifs on the ceiling also make for an interesting vision, especially arranged around the central lighting.

Structural Considerations for Ceilings


Most of the time, unique structural designs are done during the process of building a home – but amendments are almost always possible. Portions of the ceiling that slant downward can give a bedroom an attractive, cozy feeling, as if it were located in an attic. Wood paneling is a beautiful change of pace, especially if the walls are a solid color, and will help make the ceiling stand out.

Choose the Right Colors for the Light

One tip that extends to every style of ceiling design concerns the coloring. Opt for colors that maximize the luminous effect of the lighting in the room so that your intricate floral patterns or oak wood paneling stands out in stark relief against it. Furthermore, if the ceiling doesn’t have central lighting, and the in-room lights are too far away, then your guests may not get a chance to appreciate the design. As such, lighting is an important component when you’re trying to make the most of your ceiling.

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