Remodeling for Life and Retirement

peopleHome remodeling is not only for updating the design and layout of your home, but more importantly it is a priceless tool to improve the quality of you and your family’s life. Universal design increases accessibility, allowing you to feel empowered in the comfort of your home, regardless of age or mobility. If you are planning on retiring, it is important to think ahead. Ask yourself – does your home measure up? Will you be comfortable here if your physical capabilities lessen? Remodeling will allow you to feel independent in your home while meeting all the needs your health demands.

You may not be ready to retire just yet, but that day will sneak up sooner than you think. Control your life to relieve future issues by remodeling your home. Aging in place, or spending your retirement years with the best possible set up of your home, is a common trend. Many people do not want to relocate after getting accustomed to great neighbors and a town they love. Research options, think about your needs, and remodel before your health declines. If you want to stay in your home to be near family, or to keep the kids in a good school district, or for any other reason, remodeling is the best option.

It may be scary now to imagine your life with less mobility and increased health issues, but these things can happen. Thinking about your future retirement, planning ahead, and remodeling your home all help to preserve the comfort and lifestyle you know and love.

Universal Design Ideas

Entry Doorways, Hallways, and Stairs

Ramps at all entries and wide doorways and hallways at least 36-42 inches allow for wheelchair or walker accessibility. No-step flush doorway entries reduce the risk of falling. If your home has a stairway that you want to keep, installing a chair lift is a necessity. If it is difficult to climb stairs, handrails should be put in place as an aid.


Keep bright lighting in all rooms, especially in hallways and stairways to reduce falling or stumbling. Keep switches at a medium height level and lite up so they are easy to find on the wall and reachable if someone is in a wheelchair.


Slip resistant flooring with glare-free finishes create a more comfortable atmosphere for all ages. Secure rugs and short carpets allow for easier movement on foot or otherwise. Be sure to put grips on the bottom of throw rugs so they do not get caught or tripped over.


Flexible shower hoses and easy walk in or seated shower capability create a comfortable space for any age. Keep a grab bar close to the shower and toilet for added support when stepping in potentially wet areas.


Easy gliding cabinetry and large easy to read appliance settings with automatic off switches are all great ideas to recreate your kitchen space. Vision and strength lessen with old age, so plan ahead to keep your kitchen area safe.

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Written by: Sara Armor – Guest Blogger for Foster Remodeling Solutions