Custom Cabinetry

Everyone knows how beautiful custom cabinetry can look in the kitchen, but what about other rooms of your home? There are plenty of opportunities to enhance the decor and functionality of the rest of the house by incorporating gorgeous custom cabinets installed by a professional. Read on for a look at how you can go beyond the kitchen to incorporate custom cabinetry in other rooms of your abode.

Living Rooms

98_fosterCustom cabinetry in your living room not only maximizes storage potential, but it also creates a focal point within the room, says the Knoxville News Sentinel. This is the perfect place to put in sleek yet functional cabinet space because there is so much potential here, from entertainment and gaming systems to sound systems and book collections. Keeping everything in one place means you can easily reach what you need while putting forth an air of neat organization. By incorporating both customized cabinetry and shelving in high-quality wood, you can compliment your existing aesthetic, finishes and moldings.

Laundry and Mud Rooms

89_lucckese These critical areas of the house get a lot of traffic, from kids with muddy shoes to pets with dirty paws. Mud rooms often serve as the entryway to your home, where people take off their shoes, hang their coats and store mittens or hats. You can utilize all available space for the ultimate in storage with a custom bench that features a hinged lid. This is ideal for throwing scarves, sandals and hats in. Installing cabinetry in the mud room can also be useful for stowing equipment for extracurricular activities like sports or dance. Cabinets on the walls in your laundry room, for instance, can store and hide all the detergents and soaps you need to keep clothes clean so they’re easily reachable while you’re doing the wash.



Putting customized shelving and cabinetry into your bedroom and closet provides an exceptional organization system. Many closets have just enough space to hang some clothes and maybe place some shoes on the floor. By installing multiple layers of shelves, hooks and cubbies, you can increase the capacity of your storage space, perhaps complemented by a lighting system that lets you see what you’re choosing for the day!

Got a walk-in closet you no longer use? Create a craft room by adding shelves, bins and cubbies to store anything from fabric and sewing machines to stencils and stamps. Day beds that fold into the wall make great additions to small guest rooms or kids’ rooms where you want to maximize limited space. Instead of taking up half the floor space, a convertible bed that folds up into a cabinet against the wall allows you to open it up only when you need it.

Cabinets can serve so many purposes that limiting them to just one room in the house is almost wasteful. Think beyond the kitchen to see how custom cabinetry can boost function and cohesion in every room of your home.

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