Brass Fixtures

Brass is back! You probably have noticed your magazine and Pinterest pages featuring more and more brass hardware. This should come as no surprise seeing as gold has been making a comeback the last few years in fashion. The brass featured in homes today is not the same as the brass back in the 90’s. You’ll find today that it is a much cooler looking gold versus the shiny, and vibrant brass that is most homes. Here is how you can incorporate this trend in your home!

To make this look work try pairing the brass with a cooler toned cabinet. The gold really pops up against a cool grey or a white cabinet. If you feel daring try it with blue! Try to stay away from warmer toned wood colors. Doing a warm color with the brass causes two things to happen, first the hardware is going to blend with the wood. Cabinet hardware is a great way to show personality and style, so make sure people can see it! Secondly, it is going to create a very dated look, which is the opposite of remodeling.

If a little wary of doing your whole bathroom or kitchen in this finish test it out somewhere else in your home! Swap out the knobs on your bedside table or find a lamp or accessory to try out in the home. Slowly introduce it, and if you love it keep adding. There is hardware in all different styles that can easily suit you and your home. Take a look at some below and see if any strike your interest.


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Written by: Caitlin McLaughlin – Design Consultant – Foster Remodeling Solutions