There have been many changes in roofing industry over the past decade especially in how they warranty their products. Most manufacturers will only warranty their shingles if they have several components of the existing roofing system included in the installation. This will include drip edge around perimeter of the roof, ice and water shield, ridge and eave vents, appropriate felt or roof wrap and flashing. The more that you have of these components will sometimes determine not only if roof has a warranty but the length and strength of the warranty. This is why you can rest easy when purchasing a roof through Foster Remodeling Solutions that we will provide you with a complete  roofing system to guarantee you a roof that will be warrantied correctly from Foster and the roofing manufacturer.

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Another major consideration with a roof replacement is Algae protection, this prevents the ugly discoloration of the roof and I strongly recommend including this for your roofing replacement. Algae on the roof is prevented by the small amount of copper in the shingles to prevent Algae growth. I have personally used copper strips with good success at top of the roof to prevent the growth of the algae.

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Another aspect of proper roofing installation deals specifically with proper flashing of chimneys and skylights. Unfortunately I see many chimneys improperly flashed as well as skylights. To properly flash a chimney you need step and counter flashing, what I see most often with failures is that the counter flashing was simply caulked to the existing brick line. Here are some common flashing mistakes.

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To properly flash a chimney the counter flashing needs to be embedded into the mortar line as noted below, this applies to parapet walls and any place a roof line meets a masonry wall. This critical to prevent future leaks created by caulk or tar line failure. Another critical factor in insuring that a chimney doesn’t leak is to have a cricket behind it to divert the water from allowing the chimney to create a dam of water.

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Lastly a good gutter system is something that is critical to the roofing system. With gutters that are clogged water can back up and leak into the eaves as well as the roof if not properly protected. Foster Remodeling Solutions offers a seamless leaf guard gutter system Rain Pro that is a heavy gauge aluminum (18.5% thicker than regular gutters) and is unique in the fact that it is 5” gutter with 6” flow rate.   The gutters come with limited lifetime transferable warranty.

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Written by Jeff Weeks – Home Improvement Specialist – Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc.