5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

Winter’s here and with this season comes the desire to hunker down and get cozy. There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a mug of tea or cocoa and reading a good book, or entertaining a group of friends for game night with a crackling fire in the hearth despite the weather outside. Here are some tips to make your home more cozy and comfortable this season.

  1. Experiment with color. Real Simple says color connects a roomful of items; for example, deep magenta brings the eye from the rug to the couch to the lamp and wall art. If you have a neutral base tone throughout your living room, break up the sterility with strategically placed colorful items, such as throw rugs and pillows, sconces with candles, vases and wall art. The eye is drawn to the accent pieces yet the space is not overwhelmed with a block of color.
  2. Incorporate texture. When you add contrasting fabrics in a room, you boost the depth, dimension and richness of the space. In the bedroom, for instance, use heavy flannel sheets contrasted with a smooth duvet cover; in the living room, throw an open weave blanket over your twill or micro-suede sofa. By combining various textures, you can add warmth and diversity to any room in the home.modern-living-room
  3. Consider spacing. Many people love to entertain in the winter, particularly around the holidays. The shape and size of your furnishings matter. What also matters is how you configure them. It’s best to have a variety of shapes, such as circular ottomans offset by boxy sofas or octagon-shaped coffee tables flanked by long rectangular couches. Consider your floor plan too. For a cozier feel when you entertain, arrange your furniture closer together to encourage conversation and comfort. An ideal spot is the fireplace, so position your chairs and sofas around the hearth to enjoy a crackling fire.
  4. Get scented. Warm winter scents like pumpkin spice, balsam fir, peppermint and cinnamon evoke cozy, comfortable and safe memories. Not only do they add an unforgettable aroma to the home, they also add a splash of color on dining room tables, kitchen stove tops and wall sconces. The sense of smell is a powerful aspect that shouldn’t be left undiscovered in a cozy home.
  5. Cover up. The windows and floors, that is. Place heavy patterned drapes on the windows to keep the drafts out and add a dramatic opulence to the room, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Avoid cold feet with strategically placed area rugs in high-traffic areas, or even try layering them for a varied effect. Place decorative runners on your dining room tables or even light quilts on your credenza.
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Making your home cozy for winter is easy when you pair function and beauty!