barn door in rustic/contemporary kitchen

Doorway to a Smart, Stylish Remodeling Project

Picture1Pocket doors add a level of sophistication to a remodeling project. When space is limited, a pocket door tucked neatly into the wall can be the difference between an awkward transition and a smart, stylish solution.  When opened it provides the seamless transition of a doorway. The visual clutter of a swinging door in a tight space is eliminated. Closing the door is like revealing a hidden surprise that is as elegant as it is clever. This understated element is the sign of a well-designed space with careful attention to detail and functionality.

Swap out a basic door for a glass panel or specialty door, and increasePicture2 the wow factor of your practical solution. Like the perfect accessory to an outfit, a pocket door is a way to showcase your unique style and personality. It makes a statement that says “this is my home.” Whether your style is classic, transitional or modern, there’s a pocket door with you written all over it.

Picture3If you really want to step up the wow factor, consider a sliding barn door. Like it’s cousin the pocket door, when opened it rolls neatly out of the way. But instead of hiding inside the wall, it makes a bold statement that is bound to spark conversation. The two bathrooms shown express the versatility of this style door. Above is a fusion of traditional farmhouse comfort and urban industrial chic. The barn door, with its time weathered wood and exposed industrial pulley wheels, is an ideal focal point to pull the two styles together perfectly. On the right, is a transitional bath in a colonial home. This barn door, with its crisp white bead board and traditional hardware is the perfect transition between the classic and contemporary styles.

Picture4Barn doors and pocket doors can add character, elegance, and that pop of the unexpected in a remodeling project that translates to wow factor.

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written by: Dory Clemens – Design Consultant – Foster Remodeling Solutions