Creative Family Room Accents

The family room is often the one room of the house that you and your family spend the most time in—awake, at least. However, it is easy to let that familiarity prevent you from doing anything creative with the decorations. After all, everyone spends time watching TV, playing games and reading anyway, don’t they? Don’t let your family room turn drab. It’s easier than you may think to add some style and interest. We’ve put together a few creative family room accents that will make this homey space feel fun and fresh.

Accent WallCreate an Accent Wall – Who says all your walls need to be the same color? Choosing to go with three similar walls and one in a brighter coordinating shade (or utilizing a high-end wallpaper) can be an excellent way to add simple visual interest. Choosing this may even encourage you to mix up your current pictures and other wall hangings as well as offer some creative ideas for ways to enhance the room with things like throw pillows or artwork to draw out your accent color.

Add Mirrors – Mirrors are an excellent choice in many rooms. Not only are they functional and decorative, but mirrors make a room feel bigger too. Consider a large focus mirror on a large wall or use several smaller mirrors in a grouping.

Cafe Table in Living RoomCafé Table – A café table and stools can be an excellent accent piece for a family room. Not only does it immediately add interest to the room, but you now have a designated space for putting together puzzles, working on bills or homework or playing a game.

Make the Windows the Focus – If you have a beautiful view, turning your windows into the focus of the room can be a fabulous choice. A window seat or small settee placed near the window makes the space attractive. Use care in choosing curtains that draw the eye in but don’t take over the space. When your window is a big part of your decorating plan, you will need to put a little extra effort into keeping them clean, so make sure you invest in some window cleaner!

Dramatic LightingAdd Dramatic Lighting – A ceiling fan or boring light fixture won’t get any attention. Why not try something unique? Consider a vintage piece, or turn an old wheel into a hanging light for a classic look. If you prefer a modern styling, look at the track lighting options available today. You may be amazed by what a big difference a new light can make.

While it’s possible to spruce up your family room with a few accent pieces or even some simple DIY work, to make a real change, you need to work with a real professional. If you would like to talk about ideas for remodeling or renovating your home in Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia, reach out to us at Foster Remodeling. Our in-house designers and talented remodeling team can help you make your dreams into reality.