Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

It’s finally the end of the year. Your kitchen must have gone through a lot for the last couple of months. Give it a fresh new look with a renovation.

Before you dive into the whole process, find out some of the most common mistakes you should avoid doing during your kitchen remodeling.

Thinking you don’t need a pro’s help
Foster Remodeling - Thinking you don't need a pro's help

When it comes to major changes in the house, don’t do anything by yourself. Although you may have a little knowledge about renovation, you still shouldn’t pass up on the chance to ask for help from the professionals. They are experts in design-build and they are well-experienced in doing home building projects. They can guarantee you customer service satisfaction as well as the best value for money.

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Not paying attention to small details
Foster Remodeling - Not paying attention to small details

Oftentimes, when in the middle of improving your home, you can get easily distracted with the big picture. Suddenly all you can think of, and all you ever pay attention to, is the finished product. However, in order to get everything perfect, you have to make sure all the small details are done right.

For example, if the cabinets are positioned a few inches higher or lower than what you are comfortable with, you might not be convenient getting things in and out of the compartments.

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Settling for something quick and cheap
Foster Remodeling - Settling for something quick and cheap

Just because you are not the most patient and richest homeowner out there, doesn’t mean you should go for the lowest deal offered in the market. You get what you pay, remember? If things are given to you at a cheap cost, chances are, the services and materials provided are not of top quality. Risking it is not ideal in the long run because you might end up disatisfied. You’re just going to have your kitchen done all over again. That’s a waste of money.

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Going for the somewhat easy DIY route
Foster Remodeling - Going for the somewhat easy DIY route

You can see a lot of do-it-yourself interior design and renovation ideas online. They seem easy and simple to recreate. The before and after pictures are incredible too. Plus, it’s step by step process are super easy to follow. But you also have to understand that some of these ideas may be done by homeowners who have background and sufficient knowledge in home improvement.

DIYs may look quick and fun, but in reality, it’s going to take a lot of work. And there’s a huge possibility that you’re not going to get it right on your first try. The same goes for your second, third, and maybe fourth. Investing your energy and money in buying and putting the materials altogether is a waste of time and effort.

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Being too ambitious with the end result
Foster Remodeling - Being too ambitious with the end result

It’s good to be ambitious. It means you are expecting only the best for your kitchen renovation. That’s wonderful! Make sure to openly communicate with the design-build team you will be working with. Tell them your inspirations, your plans, what you want to achieve, and your overall budget. With their assistance, nothing can go wrong.

If you would like to talk about ideas for remodeling or renovating your home in Fairfax, Mclean, Springfield, Woodbridge, Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church VA, reach out to us at Foster Remodeling. Our in-house designers and talented remodeling team can help you make your dreams into reality.