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Adding In Law Suite to Existing Home

In law suites will serve as lovely places for your old parents, in laws, or family members who will stay over to visit you and your family. Preparing a place in your home just for them will make them feel important and loved.

Here are the things you should consider if you plan adding an in law suite for your next home improvement project.

Go for comfort – Think about what makes your guest feel at ease. Don’t remind them that they are staying in someone else’s house. Allow them to feel like they are in the comforts of their own home as well.

Curtains and awnings – windows are lovely, especially during the summer time when you just want to let all the breeze in. However, when the room is too bright, your guests might find it difficult to settle down.

Tall potted plants – having a little spot of green on the corner or beside an accent furniture will make the room feel alive. Plants have their own way of adding design and comfort.

Fireplace – heating systems are effective and smart, but fireplaces feel more real. Your in laws will definitely love to watch the flame dance along the chopped wooden blocks. They can be relaxed just by being close to the source of heat.

Picture frames – a room without a memorable and happy picture hanging around in it looks cold. So even if it’s only one frame, add it up to the decor. Your aged-up parents and in laws will surely love it.

Open shelves – whether you put a collection of books or vases in them, shelves are great pieces of furniture. They hide large blank walls that will rather only look empty if left bare.

Scented candles – scented candles drive away foul odors and they are good at helping people relax. Have a jar or two of them in your in law suite.

Keep it simple – Don’t even think about impressing in laws or your guests in general. Sometimes, it feels great to be praised on something you work really hard on, but it’s not advisable to go overboard on the interior as well. It’s best to keep it homey, cozy and simple.

Use one or two colors only – well if you are artistic, there’s nothing wrong with painting the walls with many colors. As long as you can make it work, there’s no limit to how much paint you should use. However, the safest thing to do is to stick to one attractive shade and then use another complimentary color to add detail. It will be easier to bring the room altogether that way.

Keep the furniture to a minimum – you might like to add a coffee table, an L-shaped sofa, an entertainment center, another dresser, etc. But keep in mind that if you pile a lot into a room, the space will feel smaller. Your guests might find it difficult to navigate their way across the room.

Avoid too much lighting – when you’re using harsh lighting and the room suddenly appears too bright, it will start to discomfort and inconvenience your guests. For the daytime, use natural lighting and let the sunrays in. For the evening, use fluorescent lights that are not too harsh on the eyes.

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