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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Date

February 14 is one of the most celebrated event among many couples. It symbolizes a special day where bold gestures of love, adoration and appreciation between two lovers are more than welcome. If you are planning to take your partner or your spouse on a romantic dinner, instead of getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant, have it at home. It’s more private and intimate that way. Plus, you don’t have to worry about pulling some strings just to dine at a well-rated place.

Here’s how to prep your kitchen for Valentine’s Day:

Have something red

Place something red into the room. It could be a red balloon or a red accent tablecloth. The color red is often associated with love. Its deep and vibrant hue reflect an emotion so strong, it can only be seen as passion. In fact, red is so warm and attractive, it’s actually a good choice for your walls if you are planning on getting kitchen remodeling this year.

Tone the lights down

Harsh lighting will just kill the romance. You have to recreate a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere for you and your date. Use a soft lamp that is more polite to the eyes. Get smart lighting for your kitchen if you want something more effective and valuable. There are many dimmable LED bulbs in the market to choose from.

Light up some candles

Now, to make the night far more intimate and to compensate for the not so bright lighting in your kitchen space, bring out the candles. This may be a conventional approach to start a perfect night, but nothing can beat a dinner over candle light. Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, if you have to be romantic, do it without inhibitions.

Set a table for two

If you want to dine in the kitchen, use your island as the setup. That way, your date can watch you cook and prepare the meal. It may not be much, but there’s something cheesily domestic and fluffy about that scenario. With the mood and thoughtful gesture, you can never go wrong with it.

Play your favorite song

If you prefer a quiet night, you should opt out with the music. However, if you want the complete package, definitely play some slow music you can dance to. Have your favorite song in the background while you enjoy your dinner and it surely will be a night worth remembering.

Keep the kids entertained

If you are married and you want to spend the day exclusively and privately with your better half, keep the kids busy and entertained. Take them to their grandparent’s house or if you want them to stay in the house instead, whip up a movie for them to watch. But of course, spending this particular day with your children is also wonderful.

Don’t forget the flowers

Give her a nicely done bouquet or a freshly picked set of flowers. While roses are the most common thing to get, you can definitely go for another kind. It could be gerbera daisies, lilies, or tulips. There are no rules in showing your admiration to the person you love and care for the most. And since flowers have their own romantic language. So choose one that truly expresses your feelings.
There you have it! These simple tips will surely lead you to a wonderful night. Also, be sure to remember the chocolates and those three magic words. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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