5 Ways to Work With a Sloped Attic

There are many different ways to use attic space. One drawback that some homeowners find is that the attic ceiling is sloped, creating a perceived dilemma on how to use the room. There are several ways to work around an attic with a sloped ceiling caused by the roof pitch. In some cases, there is plenty of height in the attic to stand up straight. In other cases, however, it is best left to kids or to a purpose that doesn’t require someone to stand in that space for very long.

Children’s Room
An attic room is a fun place for a children’s bedroom. It works well because kids have plenty of energy to run up and down the stairs. A sloped ceiling isn’t an issue because they aren’t tall enough to bump their heads. Use one sloped side of the room to create loft bunk beds which are built into the wall design of the room. As the children get older, these cubbyholes can be used as functional storage space. A qualified carpenter can create shelving inside the bunk bed at the headboard wall structure to provide storage for things that would normally go on a nightstand. This might include a bedtime storybook, a clock and perhaps a jewelry box or a radio.

Divide and Conquer
The space can be quite functional without focusing on the sloped ceiling. If it’s an issue, divide the space, construct a flat ceiling in the center and use the flat area for your main purpose. This might be ideal as a bedroom and, depending on the square footage available, a home office, workout room or entertainment room. Format space on the sides for storage.

Because attics are typically large spaces that run the main length and width of the house, work with the expanse and create an efficiency. Use the areas with the lowest ceiling for closet and storage space. This could be ideal for house guests, as rental space or as a small apartment efficiency for your live-at-home college student.

Another option is to create dormer windows. This adds cozy space to the uppermost room. It can be enjoyable for capturing your beautiful outdoor scenery. This is also an ideal place to keep lookout for overdue guests and visitors without appearing eager on the front porch or waiting by the door.

Build Up
Add another floor to your home. That will remedy the pitch issue, creating plenty of headroom and even more living space. Additional square footage on a home can also significantly raise your property value.

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