Add Convenience and Technology to a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovation projects are some of the most fun custom remodeling projects for our clients, because they involve some of the newest technology in home improvement choices. It’s not simply a matter of choosing what color the cabinets should be and what material to make the countertops, but how to make the kitchen work better for the people using it. If it’s been a while since you have upgraded your kitchen, there are some new features and appliances available that can make your kitchen more user-friendly, more elegant and more stylish. By adding these features during the remodeling process instead of after, the installations are easier and more cost effective. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that Foster Remodeling did the installation, so it’s done right the first time. While there are countless possibilities with Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling projects, let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones that could have a pleasant impact on your kitchen.

Double Ovens

If you have never experienced a double oven, you may not think you are missing anything. If you have had one before and don’t have one now, you may miss it profoundly, especially if you like to cook large meals with multiple dishes and courses. Double ovens allow two separate ovens to run on bake and broil simultaneously. You can also use one oven for baking on high heat, while the other serves as a warmer for sauces, gravies and even second helpings. At the very least, it  makes dinner parties and holiday feasts a breeze. The double oven is a common consideration in home remodeling projects, and can be built in to the wall when planned properly. To replace your single oven, you will need more space either vertically or horizontally, but we can work with you on that.

Wine Cellars and Wine Chillers


photo by incase

For the wine connoisseur, the recent developments in wine chillers, coolers and cellars have revolutionized wine storage. Although many people keep their wine in the refrigerator or at room temperature, those with a collection or who value a properly matured vintage are probably looking for a little more sophistication. A wine cooler or chiller will hold up to a few dozen bottles of wine. A wine cellar will typically hold between 50 and 150 bottles. Wine should be stored about 57 to 53 degrees. Serve reds about 63 to 61, and others about 48 to 44 degrees, depending on the type and the specific brand. A good wine storage appliance will give you a digital thermometer reading for each compartment and allow you to keep different compartments at different temperatures. For long-term storage of multiple bottles, use a wine cellar. For fewer bottles over short periods of time before serving, use a chiller. Under-the-counter models are best installed during a remodel so that there are no gaps between cabinetry and appliances. Decide whether the cellar door should open to the right or the left. They may have drawers that extend, so the doors need to open all the way. Both under-the-counter and countertop models will need a nearby source of electricity for power. Thermoelectric and refrigerator styles are available. Refrigerators are less expensive; the thermoelectric type uses less energy.

Trash Compactors

One common annoyance you may wish to eliminate in your custom kitchen remodeling project is the obvious presence of a trash can. When left in the open, trash ruins the appearance of a nice, clean kitchen. Many people prefer to hide it from view by putting the can in cabinets or closets. This often means using a smaller can which must be emptied more often. One solution is to have us install a trash compactor. There are many different types of models available now, and most of them are very quiet. They reduce the amount of space trash takes up before it must be emptied. Trash compactors also mean the trash can is hidden away, along with the smells and sights most people don’t want to experience.

Regardless of the type of appliances you choose for your kitchen, think ahead. Consider what you wish you had and what some of the biggest challenges are in your kitchen. Ask our knowledgeable staff at Foster Remodeling for suggestions about some of the latest trends. They will be happy to help.

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