In-Law Suite: The Perfect Present For Your Aging Parents

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One of the latest trends today for remodeling is an in-law suite. This is an area transformed into a living space for your parents or your in-laws. The feature can be anything as an apartment over a garage, a basement suite, a detached room, or a stand-alone apartment. This remodeling can be just a simple amenity like a bedroom or a full-scale project.

People will say that it is hard living with an aging parent. You will be faced with a unique challenge on your part. This is true when it concerns one who is sickly. Members of this age group are the most vulnerable when it comes to accidents in and around the house.

But with in-law suites,major changes will be made into your household. As it is not a part of the house’s original design. These changes are added to prevent accidents from happening and as mentioned give accessibility. In-law suites commonly feature various alterations to improved your aging parents’ living standards.

  • Replacing bathtubs with walk-in showers
  • Installation of safety rails
  • Expansion of doorways and passageways
  • Installation of a stair lift
  • Adjusting the height of door handles, light switches, and doorbells at a fitting level

A good design team will also help you predict the needs of your loved ones. This goes more than just the usual bed and shower. You will be given other ideas to think about too. Like the space in your house where your parents will spend their mornings and evenings. You will also need to consider their hobbies. You will need to give them that space for sewing, knitting, and reading. A space for these pastimes can be a great feature on your in-law suite design.

You will be amazed to know that a lot of professionals are giving this new trend a positive reply. Because they all agree on the idea. That they should give space in their homes for an elderly relative. If you haven’t considered living with your in-laws, then these benefits will persuade you to remodel your house. Benefits that will give good memories for your family through the years to come.

  • A bond will be built between your children and their grandparents. Promoting closer family ties
  • As working professionals, you will now have the benefit of having a warm cooked meal. Most parents are good cooks and you now have something deliciously prepared ready on the table before you arrived.

Retrofitting your home for a loved one is no small task. You will need space requirements and specific design elements.Take note, that in-law suites need not be big in size. All it needs is to have the necessary features and amenities. Besides these, you will be dealing with a lot of emotional issues. For some, this is a life-changing event. You should have your eyes wide open and be realistic in your expectations. Know the limitations at hand so that the transition for both of you will be a smooth process.

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A Home Office Is The Perfect Home Addition This 2017

There are certain jobs that require you to work at home. In fact, even if you have a 9-5 job, it can’t be helped that you have to bring home work with you sometimes. You may think that your bedroom, living room, or kitchen counter will make alternative workplaces. But you could be wrong with that. Those places look peaceful, but they are actually full of distractions. Your bedroom makes you want to take a nap. Your living room makes you want to slack off and watch your favorite TV series. And your kitchen makes you want to take a snack or a coffee break. How then will you ever get any work done?

The best solution thus far, especially if you’re planning on getting home additions, is to have your own home office. Home offices may sound a bit out of place when you think about a peaceful, relaxing home. But if you design it in a way that doesn’t look like a literal office, you will surely like having one. Plan on what suites you best:

What time of day will you be using it?

Planning for a Home Office

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You have to consider the hours and the time of day that you will be using the room. If you tend to work around early morning until noon, you might need some blinds to cover up your windows. When your home office is situated directly where the sunrise hits, it might get too hot during the day. If you work at nighttime, you might think about setting up a good lighting. A little too dim and you might get sleepy, and a little too bright and you might get a headache.

What kind of work will you be doing?

Planning a Home Office

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Be sure to consider the type of work you will be doing before setting up your home office. If you are a writer, you might need a peaceful space where inspiration can easily be found. If you are a virtual assistant, you might need a well-organized room with shelves that are within your reach, in case if you need to grab a document for a client. If you are an artist, your office might look completely different. Instead of the usual desk and drawers, you might have blank canvases and art materials in place. It all depends on what you do.

What motivates you to be productive?

Planning a Home Office

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Think about what gets you in the mood to do something. If you get irked by the slightest noise you hear, you can make your home office soundproof or you can get a basement remodeling for a more private location in your home. Also, if you are the kind of person who loves looking out the window to help you relax and ease up your mood, go get bigger windows. You can even design a sunroom and turn it into a home office.

What materials will you be working with?

Planning a Home Office

Image Source: The DIY Mommy

Of course, depending on your work, you are going to be needing the aid of some materials and equipment. If you are a freelance web developer you need a lot of computers to work with. If you are into art and crafts, as well as clothing design, you will need a counter and a sewing machine or two. The right equipment will help you arrive at the best result possible, so you have to work around them as well. They have to fit your home office in a way that complements any other piece of furniture in the room.

And of course, to achieve your ideal space, be sure to contact home remodeling professionals.
For over 30 years, Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. has been offering kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodelingin-law suites and home additions improvement services. Our service area extends to Fairfax, Mclean, Springfield, Woodbridge, Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church VA. Request for a FREE CONSULTATION at 703-550-1371 or visit us at 7211 Telegraph Square Dr, Lorton, VA 22079 today!

Adding In Law Suite to Existing Home

In law suites will serve as lovely places for your old parents, in laws, or family members who will stay over to visit you and your family. Preparing a place in your home just for them will make them feel important and loved.

Here are the things you should consider if you plan adding an in law suite for your next home improvement project.

Go for comfort – Think about what makes your guest feel at ease. Don’t remind them that they are staying in someone else’s house. Allow them to feel like they are in the comforts of their own home as well.

Curtains and awnings – windows are lovely, especially during the summer time when you just want to let all the breeze in. However, when the room is too bright, your guests might find it difficult to settle down.

Tall potted plants – having a little spot of green on the corner or beside an accent furniture will make the room feel alive. Plants have their own way of adding design and comfort.

Fireplace – heating systems are effective and smart, but fireplaces feel more real. Your in laws will definitely love to watch the flame dance along the chopped wooden blocks. They can be relaxed just by being close to the source of heat.

Picture frames – a room without a memorable and happy picture hanging around in it looks cold. So even if it’s only one frame, add it up to the decor. Your aged-up parents and in laws will surely love it.

Open shelves – whether you put a collection of books or vases in them, shelves are great pieces of furniture. They hide large blank walls that will rather only look empty if left bare.

Scented candles – scented candles drive away foul odors and they are good at helping people relax. Have a jar or two of them in your in law suite.

Keep it simple – Don’t even think about impressing in laws or your guests in general. Sometimes, it feels great to be praised on something you work really hard on, but it’s not advisable to go overboard on the interior as well. It’s best to keep it homey, cozy and simple.

Use one or two colors only – well if you are artistic, there’s nothing wrong with painting the walls with many colors. As long as you can make it work, there’s no limit to how much paint you should use. However, the safest thing to do is to stick to one attractive shade and then use another complimentary color to add detail. It will be easier to bring the room altogether that way.

Keep the furniture to a minimum – you might like to add a coffee table, an L-shaped sofa, an entertainment center, another dresser, etc. But keep in mind that if you pile a lot into a room, the space will feel smaller. Your guests might find it difficult to navigate their way across the room.

Avoid too much lighting – when you’re using harsh lighting and the room suddenly appears too bright, it will start to discomfort and inconvenience your guests. For the daytime, use natural lighting and let the sunrays in. For the evening, use fluorescent lights that are not too harsh on the eyes.

Working with the right home building team can help you make your dream home into a reality. If you would like to talk about ideas for remodeling or renovating your home in Fairfax, Mclean, Springfield, Woodbridge, Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church VA, reach out to us at Foster Remodeling. Call now for a free consultation!

Sunrooms…Enjoy the seasons all year long

blog_dobsonIn the dog days of summer, spending time outdoors is often best left to the brave and hearty. Northern Virginia summers combine oppressive heat with high humidity and routine thunderstorms. One way to continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery of your home and have a safer outdoor experience this summer is with a sunroom. A sunroom affords the extra protection from high temperatures, gnats, mosquitoes and pouring rain. It is usually a straightforward addition that can be a single concept or combined with a garage or other rooms. What’s more, it is equally enjoyable in the cooler weather, a cozy place to watch the snow fall or the leaves changing colors.

Through our design build process, Foster Remodeling can help you create the ideal sunroom addition for your home. It can be essentially encased in glass or have a traditional ceiling instead. We can help you choose the right location, size and purpose for your sunroom. We specialize in architectural design and building construction as a team project. We handle the concept from beginning to end so that you meet your budget and we meet your time table.

blog_mcAdoo blog_center

Creating a sunroom has a number of advantages for you as a homeowner beyond being a respite from summer heat and cold winter temperatures. For those with a beautiful yard, the sunroom can enhance the enjoyment. The sunroom, when placed thoughtfully, can have the best view in the house. Walls of glass afford an uninterrupted view of the waterfront, woods or well-decorated landscape.

Keep an eye on your children at play outside when you enjoy the comfort of the indoors without sacrificing supervision or safety. At night, a clear glass ceiling features spectacular stargazing or a rare opportunity to see storms forming above the house as it begins to rain. Add a table or some comfortable furniture for a quiet haven from the rest of the busy household. In the quiet of morning, watch rabbits or deer foraging for food outdoors while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

blog_senaOne key reason for adding a sunroom is to create more space in the home. Sunrooms make a nice place for entertaining where friends and family can gather for a meal or to watch a sunset. For the artistic and creative mind that works at home, a sunroom is the ideal environment to find solitude and a peaceful, productive environment. It can also be a place to add wireless Internet for laptop users or a nice speaker system for musical entertainment buffs.

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Adding Another Element Into One’s Home

Are you tired of your home’s current appearance? Here are home additions and remodeling ideas that will give your home the improvement it needs.

Screened Porch

screened porch - home additions - foster remodeling solutions It’s open, airy, and inexpensive. It’ll protect you from mosquitos and other pests. This is a worthy investment if you love being in the outdoors. Add a rocking chair or a comfy couch and you will have the perfect place to entertain guests, enjoy a good tea or book, and bond with family members. You would get a lovely view of the sunrise or sunset if home strategically faces the horizon. You can even add a fireplace so you can still use it for colder seasons.

Garage Master Suite

garage master suite - home additions - foster remodeling solutions For homeowners who have far too large of a garage and not enough cars to fill it up, a garage master suite is the best way to go. Don’t use up that extra space for certain pieces of junk right away. Call up remodeling experts. Ask them to turn that wasted space in your garage into a master suite. They know how to utilize spaces best and they are well-acquainted in their fields of expertise as well. Working with them will give you the best possible design and option for your additions remodeling. A guest bedroom would work well for this idea too. You can try either way.

French Doors

french door - home addition - foster remodeling solutions French doors can enhance your home’s interior and exterior. With their overall appearance and white frames, they never fail to beautify any room. And since they invite natural light in, they can transform your home and make it look bigger and spacious. They also provide you with an outdoor view.

Built in Drawers

built-in drawers - home addition - foster remodeling solutions Sometimes pieces of furniture just take up a lot of space. Built-in drawers and open shelving are an excellent solution for rooms with smaller spaces. There are many designs to choose from, so you can definitely customize it according to your preferences. You can have them built in your bed, in the wall, under the staircase, and basically anywhere in the house. And since they don’t get in the way, they can help you organize your things efficiently and effectively.

A Dog Room

a dog room - home addition - foster remodeling solutions Give your furry friend some extra love. Get your dog he’s very own room. It doesn’t have to be as big as the master bedroom. Just make sure they can fit into it. It will make your dog fell well loved and taken cared off. It’s a small price to pay for the unconditional love and loyalty they give you.

Foster Remodeling Solutions has been helping homeowners in Northern VA experience quality living for over 30 years. Their team of professional designers, lead carpenters and production managers are well-experienced in the home building industry. They have undergone various remodeling challengers and they are more than willing to help you achieve your dream home. You can take advantage of their design/build services and 5 year warranty agreement too! Just call their mobile no. (703) 550 -1371.

Why YOU should hire a NARI Contractor

senaNARI is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Each member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry is pledged to observe high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility in the conduct of business by:

  • Promoting in good faith only those products and services which are known to be functionally and economically sound, and which are known to be consistent with objective standards of health and safety.
  • Making all advertising and sales promotion factually accurate, avoiding those practices which tend to mislead or deceive the customer.
  • Writing all contracts and warranties such that they comply with federal, state, and local laws.
  • Promptly acknowledging and taking appropriate action on all customer complaints.
  • Refraining from any act intended to restrain trade or suppress competition.
  • Attaining and retaining insurance as required by federal, state, and local authorities.
  • Attaining and retaining licensing and/or registration as required by federal, state, and local authorities.

So…why should you hire a NARI contractor?

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Include your Pet in Your Remodeling Project

0802_dogBowls2You may think a person would have to be a bit eccentric to go to the expense of building or remodeling with their pets in mind. But if you consider that you create your home to suit yourself and your children, and even guests, It’s not a leap to build for your pets. If you are going to share your life with pets, it makes perfect sense to build or remodel your home, and create a custom design for their comfort and convenience as well as yours.

If pets are an important part of your family, you’ll want to keep them in mind when planning your next home remodeling project.

0802_dogBowls4Feeding Station

Feeding time doesn’t have to take over your space. Consider a custom shelf built into kitchen or laundry room cabinetry, with cutouts for bowls. Convenience gadgets for food and water include removable stainless steel dishes in a protected stand and you could install a water line and faucet with an automatic water attachment – as their pets drink, the bowl is automatically refilled.


0802_dogBed1Sleeping Accommodations

There are many ways to incorporate a place for your dog or cat to sleep. Consider creating a built-in bed or crate area in your laundry room or family foyer where your companion can curl up for an afternoon nap or escape from the hustle and bustle of company. A special spot under the stairs can be a great use of wasted space.





0802_litterBoxHidden Litter Boxes:

The litter box is by far the major downside of having a cat. Figuring out where to put this thing so your cat isn’t doing its business in front of everyone and the smell doesn’t permeate the house can be quite a challenge. The bathroom ends up being a safe choice for most home-owners, a built-in area makes the litter box nearly invisible.





0802_dogWashDoggy Tubs:

Often located in a family foyer, laundry room or garage, doggy tubs are an increasingly popular option. Special designs with little or no curb and a hand-held sprayer at a lower level make easy work of rinsing off muddy paws after a romp in the backyard or giving Rover a full bath.

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