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Adding In Law Suite to Existing Home

In law suites will serve as lovely places for your old parents, in laws, or family members who will stay over to visit you and your family. Preparing a place in your home just for them will make them feel important and loved. Here are the things you should consider if you plan adding an… Read more »

5 Interior Decor Options and Appliances that Save Energy

Today, more than ever, going green is important. Not only do many people want to help protect the earth, but choosing energy-efficient appliances and décor can help you save money on your utility bills too. In addition, there can sometimes be tax breaks available for choosing certain energy-efficient devices too (consult your accountant for more… Read more »

Tips to Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your House

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, one of the most important things you can do is enhance the curb appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, half of all homeowners choose their house based on its exterior appearance, and exterior projects — such as a steel entry door and replacement windows — recoup the… Read more »

Home Bars that Will Impress Everyone

If you enjoy hosting parties or simply having friends over for a quiet evening in, you have likely invested in making your home a great place for entertaining. However, there is one investment that cannot be matched, when it comes to making your house the go-to place for parties big and small—a home bar! But,… Read more »

Baking Stations Make Cooking More Fun

Get inspired to cook (and simplify holiday prep) with a dedicated space for baking The weather cools and the aromas of sweet and savory treats fill the kitchen. But it can be a struggle to separate holiday baking from both day-to-day meal preparation and entertaining needs. Setting up a separate baking station is a great… Read more »

7 Ways to Speed Up Spring Cleaning

When the flowers start to bloom and the birds begin to chirp, only one thing can be around the corner: spring cleaning. After months of in-home hibernation, sunlight finally peaks through your windows, highlighting the crammed corners and dusty shelves of your home. To tackle this sometimes intimidating task, we’ve broken down 7 easy spring… Read more »

Custom Cabinetry

Everyone knows how beautiful custom cabinetry can look in the kitchen, but what about other rooms of your home? There are plenty of opportunities to enhance the decor and functionality of the rest of the house by incorporating gorgeous custom cabinets installed by a professional. Read on for a look at how you can go… Read more »

Family-Friendly Living Spaces

Children need the space and the freedom to make messes, create, exercise, and be kids. Does this mean you have to sacrifice the beautiful home you always wanted? No! And you don’t have to. A family-friendly home is perfect for children and parents. Here are a few simple yet powerful tricks you can use to… Read more »

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Basement

After living in your home for a few years you may decide you want or need to re-claim that cluttered space in your basement for more useable family space. When deciding to have your basement remodeled or finished, consider going all out. Experts say that one of the best ways to increase the value of… Read more »

New Shades of Gray

Everyone wants to know what the new trends are in kitchen and bath design.  Although magazines are showing lots of white – white tile, white countertops, white furniture, and white accessories, the new colors in cabinetry are shades of gray.  I feel that this trend will be like most trends, it will last for more… Read more »