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5 Interior Decor Options and Appliances that Save Energy

Today, more than ever, going green is important. Not only do many people want to help protect the earth, but choosing energy-efficient appliances and décor can help you save money on your utility bills too. In addition, there can sometimes be tax breaks available for choosing certain energy-efficient devices too (consult your accountant for more… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Floors and Cabinets

If you’re facing a remodeling project for your home and are concerned about the environment, you may be wondering how you can incorporate eco-friendly flooring and cabinetry into the rooms in your house. What are the best types of green products and materials to use that won’t put undue stress on the environment? Let’s explore… Read more »

Where do I start?

Where to start when you are considering a remodeling project. When homeowners are considering remodeling a part of their home, they already know that their space is either out of date or poorly designed.  They dream of a new space that is not only beautiful, but functional.  I usually get clients that want a WOW… Read more »

Selecting a Remodeler

by: Carin Demmon, Design Consultant Do you dream of cooking in a modern kitchen or watching the Redskins in your new sunroom?  Does your bathroom do little to make you feel refreshed?  If so, you may be thinking about remodeling your home, but where do you start?  Finding the right designer or contractor can be… Read more »

Think Green While Remodeling

If it’s time for a Northern Virginia home addition or an interior remodeling project, consider making a few eco-friendly adjustments.

Green Remodeling

With all that’s been in the news lately about “green” and “environmental and energy efficient” building how can you keep it all straight? We know here at Foster Remodeling Solutions how important these issues can be for our clients so we wanted to provide you some definitions of terminology so you can know exactly what you are getting and what all this new information means.