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Designer Spotlight – Meet Kayla

 “Form follows function,” is a statement that is often left in the dust when we think about Design.   Aesthetics should encourage the design to be grounded on function.  Not until after this, can the decorative details truly enhance the space.  Aesthetics should be apart of something meaningful or purposeful, as well as beautiful. Being raised… Read more »

Designer Spotlight – Meet Kim

When I was eight years old, my family moved from Upstate New York to Northern Virginia, and I was excited to move into our new house, until I saw what was meant to be my room. The wallpaper was covered in giant red poppies, the carpet equally as bright with a marbled pattern. I was… Read more »

The High Cost of the Low Price

Most licensed contractors are competent, honest, hardworking, and financially responsible. And yet almost everyone knows someone who has a nightmare story to tell about a remodeling job: the length of time it took; the inconvenience of the noise and dust; or the cost overruns associated with even the smallest project. Choosing the lowest bid comes… Read more »

Basement Makeover Inspirations

Here are a few of our Basement Makeovers…                        

8 Ways to Convert Empty Spaces

You’ve done it. You’ve raised your kids and they’re ready to be on their own. Maybe they’re leaving for college or maybe moving out for good (fingers crossed), and you’ll be left with an empty nest. What should you do with all the extra empty rooms? Here are a few ideas… Craft Space Space means… Read more »