Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Among the most popular exterior remodeling projects today is the outdoor kitchen. It’s a great place to entertain and a chance for everyone to enjoy the back yard. One of the most important elements of a successful outdoor kitchen is the floor. If you’re not happy with your floor, you’ll probably wind up spending less time in your outdoor kitchen than you expected. The most important elements to consider in outdoor living include an attractive surface, how easy it is to keep clean, durability, and how safe it is under cooking appliances and grills.

Most outdoor surfaces need little attention for cleaning. A broom or a hose can take care of basic dust and dirt build-up. Ask your design and build home remodeling contractor to provide an outdoor spigot for a garden hose hook-up when they are working on your other outdoor plumbing needs.

There are several surfaces that work well outdoors. Brick is durable, although bricks can crack with heavy impacts. Travertine and slate offer beauty and durability in a variety of colors that coordinate well with the rest of your outdoor decor. Look for a sealed but rough finish for best results when selecting travertine.

Heat and Safety
One of the biggest problems with choosing outdoor flooring is finding something attractive that won’t be affected by heat from your grill or your appliances. Natural stone, brick and ceramic tile are heat-resistant and won’t make you slip and slide while enjoying your new outdoor addition if there’s rain or heavy humidity. Slippery-when-wet surfaces are glazed tiles, porous surfaces and some types of stone, like quarried natural marble or glass. Avoid wood flooring for your outdoor kitchen.

There are countless possibilities in flooring for exterior home remodeling projects. Ask our professional design team at Foster Remodeling for their recommendations when you’re ready to take the next step in making your outdoor living space a place you’ll love.

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