Create More Bedroom and Kitchen Space With Home Additions

When you’ve been living in your Northern Virginia home for a few years and you love the neighborhood, you might begin to feel a bit cramped, especially as your kids grow up, you have another child on the way or a relative has come to stay. Rather than moving elsewhere or stressfully dealing with the lack of bedroom space, creating a home addition is the ideal solution. While you can change the layout of the existing space you have to turn the basement or attic spaces into more bedrooms or an office, another option is to increase the home’s square footage and create more living space. By adding to the outside of the home, rather than simply changing the interior, you can create bigger bedrooms, a home office, an eat-in kitchen or even add on garage space.

Take a look at your home’s plat map, then go outside and look at the actual property. Consider the amount of space you have to work with, whether it’s on the sides of the existing structure, in the front or in the back of the property. Keep in mind that you can move your bushes and rebuildĀ  your patio. You can add a deck or garage to other parts of the house and create extra bedrooms where there is adequate space. A consultation with our design team can help you to understand what your options are, especially with regard to local ordinances and materials.

Bedroom Spaces
In many older homes, the bedrooms are small. They are barely big enough to fit two twin beds or a queen size bed, leaving some room for dressers and walking space. Throughout the many cities and counties in Northern Virginia, there are ordinances that drive some of the basic measurements for home and bedroom sizes. For example, bedrooms in Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington homesĀ  must have a minimum of 70 square feet to be considered a bedroom under the Uniform Statewide Building Code. For double occupancy, it must have 120 square feet, or 50 more square feet per person. This doesn’t include closet space, as closets aren’t required to be part of the bedroom in Virginia. Consider the fact that a queen size mattress without a bed frame is typically 60 inches by 80 inches, consuming nearly 34 square feet. A standard twin mattress is typically 39 inches by 75 inches, or just over 20 square feet without a frame. You could create a Northern Virginia home addition by building two bedrooms in what is currently the exterior. Another option is to increase the bedroom size inside the home by knocking out a wall and combining two smaller rooms to create a much larger one.

Creating an eat-in kitchen is something that many people long for, but never put into action. It’s easier than you think and it can solve many safety and convenience issues. If you have a small child or a senior with mobility issues, you might want to have quick and easy access between the kitchen sink or the refrigerator and the kitchen table. Many of today’s appliances are much larger than their counterparts from even 25 or 30 years ago. A home addition can add enough space for an eat-in kitchen where there was once little room for cooking, much less eating.

If you’re feeling cramped or you’re not sure where to put the new additions to the family, consider a new addition to your home to create more space and less stress. For more information about the possibilities of a Northern Virginia home addition, consult with our Foster Remodeling team.

With these trends and with the right home building team, you can turn your dream bathroom into a reality. What are you waiting for then? If you would like to talk about ideas for remodeling or renovating your home in Fairfax, Mclean, Springfield, Woodbridge, Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church VA, reach out to us at Foster Remodeling. Call now for a free consultation!