What Is A Design Build Contractor and How Can One Reduce Custom Remodeling Costs?

When a homeowner decides to start a custom remodeling project for their home, most choose to hire a contractor for the job. Many homeowners are not aware of a type of contractor called a design build contractor that is ideal for a custom remodeling project. A typical contractor usually only handles the construction part of a project and hires a designer to create a unique design. A design build contractor combines both the design and the actual construction into one step, working with the homeowner to create and implement their desires.

For Northern Virginia home renovations, Foster Remodeling is the ideal choice for making a homeowner’s vision come true. By combining a designer with a builder, any custom remodeling project becomes easier.

Streamlined Project Management

Custom remodeling projects often involve many different types of specialized labor. Plumbers, carpenters, painters, and stone workers could all be used on the same job. With this many different people and companies on one job, it pays to have a single point of contact. A design build contractor allows homeowners to go through one single person to relay all design and construction information. This makes managing the workforce much more convenient by eliminating unnecessary red tape. Ultimately, projects become more flexible with a single person heading all aspects of the job.

Saving Money And Meeting Budgets

It is estimated that nearly 50% of projects headed by a general contractor go over budget. By comparison, the average design build contractor will only go over budget 5% of the time. That significant savings is achieved through a unique process. Efficiencies are created through comprehensive quotes rather than “wage plus materials” quotes, in-house design work, and effective communication between the homeowner and contractor. Both sides of the project work together to create a plan that uses the materials and methods that will maximize the value added to a home while satisfying the project’s goals.


Many homeowners know that when a small army of contractors and subcontractors are all working in close proximity, there will be finger-pointing when mistakes occur. Each separate company may be more worried about protecting their work than fixing a mistake. An integrated design and build approach assembles an entire team under one umbrella, increasing transparency and accountability. With a clear chain of command and oversight, mistakes are identified and corrected without playing the blame game. This fosters an environment where issues are openly address, rather than trying to hide them from the boss or homeowner.

Open Lines Of Communication

Communication is the foundation of any job. Nearly every plan will require a second look as work gets underway and hidden situations come to light. When information passes through many different people and between different companies, the message usually doesn’t come out the same as when it started. The homeowner can effectively communicate with the entire construction and design team much more easily since they are one and the same.

In the end, the design build contractor utilizes a compressive design and work team to streamline a project, stay on budget, assume responsibility, and keep communications flowing. Foster Remodeling is the best choice to complete custom remodeling projects.

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