Designing An Outdoor Kitchen Home Addition You’ll Love

A popular and growing trend in Northern Virginia is the addition of an outdoor kitchen in the patio space or in an area behind the house that is currently a green (or brown) lawn. There are a great many reasons why people have turned to outdoor kitchens. They are frequently featured on outdoor cooking shows, on food-related programs and home and garden television shows. Another reason is that many people are discovering that spending time with family and friends is difficult to do when everyone is outside except the chef. When there is an outdoor kitchen involved, the chef has time to socialize while cooking and has a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Food is quite flavorful when cooked on a grill or in a brick oven. Guests enjoy smelling the aroma of fresh food on the way. Of course, there is also the enjoyment factor in cooking in the great outdoors and reveling in the feeling of living in luxury.

When planning an outdoor kitchen as a Northern Virginia home addition, consider the most popular features included in designs today.

The Grill
Outdoor grills are probably the first thing that most people think of when they dream of cooking outdoors. Stainless steel grills with extra cooking and accessory shelves for additional items are often the highlight. Choose from natural gas, propane or electric. Some models can convert to charcoal if the chef prefers.

Brick Oven
A brick pizza oven is also high on the list. Making your own pizza with homegrown herbs, fresh vegetables and special sauce is also a list topper for outdoor cooking.

Countertop units
Rather than installing one item at a time, putting in a full ensemble with  durable countertops, brick decor and built-in appliances is a better use of space and has a more coordinated look and feel. Allow enough countertop space for any food preparation and chopping, as well as a sink for a sanitary and efficient workstation.

Cabinetry is more than a matter of convenience. There are some items that you only use for grilling or cooking outdoors. These are also the items that tend to make the kitchen drawers jam when you try to pull them out because they are so long – think tongs, spatulas and skewers. Include extra long drawers in your outdoor kitchen set-up, which will also relieve your indoor kitchen from these items that can get in the way. The same goes for large meat platters and roll baskets. Kept where they’re needed the most will limit the cramped space indoors and make the set-up outdoors more convenient.

A refrigerator is among the most popular items, not only for holding the food before it’s cooked, but also to keep drinks cold. This is a convenience that also eliminates the constant in-and-out of guests in the house and escape of air conditioning from the cool house into the warmer outside air.

As you’re considering how to lay out your new outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that gas, water and electrical lines need to be put in, and an attractive and durable floor surface must also be established. Foster Remodeling has a professional carpenter to make custom cabinets, as well as qualified team members to install the appliances, flooring and lines, so we can do the project from start to finish quickly, efficiently and on budget.

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