Discount Remodeling On A Dime: Design Build Contracting

No matter how long you have lived in your home, from the first new years to the family that can see the back-end of their home mortgage, every homeowner can look at a room in their house and see a project that needs to be done. Whether it is a renovation on an older home that needs a loving facelift or a newer home that might need a boost to its equity in tough economic times, there is always a weekend (or longer) project waiting around the corner. Maybe you are trying to upgrade your home to bring your spaces and appliances up to date or trying to increase the value of your investment by adding to the value of your home. No matter what type of homeowner you are, discount home improvement will be on your mind now or in the near future.

No matter the reason you have, projects always have to be done on a strict budget. Discount remodeling is a key factor in home improvement when you want to feel good about the money spent on improving a home as well as realizing a positive net investment in your home. In order to get the most benefit at the right cost, the best option is to consult a design build contractor.

The Typical Contractor

You probably have had experiences with a contractor before. A contractor usually offers a quote on an arrangement known as “wage plus materials.” If this is ringing a bell, you know that the quote offered is just for the cost of labor; the cost of materials is not included and the price will be added on at the end of the project.

You’ve had the experience before of receiving an attractive quote, only to be thrown off budget before your so-called discount remodeling project was over. Keeping yourself on budget during home improvement projects is now easier and more reliable when working with a design build contractor.

The Solution

A design build contractor is an improvement over your typical contractor and is the best option for discount home improvement. A design build contractor does it the right way and gives you a quote for an entire project up front. This type of contractor works with you to design your discount remodeling plan.

This makes budgeting a home improvement project much easier because the design build contractor will work with you to draw up the plan for the entire project, both wage and materials, in order to ensure that the particulars are covered within your specified price range. These unique benefits will even lower costs since your design build contractor will not be hiring a consultant to create a detailed plan to work from, instead you do it together.

Today’s Trend

With the glut of Do-It-Yourself TV shows being broadcast, many people think that the best solution for discount remodeling is the DIY method. While it might seem that DIY remodeling would be the most cost effective plan, there are still many perils that usually render this untrue. DIY mistakes tend to be costly and can easily throw you off budget. For those of us who are truly not mechanically inclined, long hours will have to be put in to master the learning curve. Sometimes a project is too complicated, or special equipment is required, so outside help might still be needed.

You have options for your discount home improvement projects. The crafty spendthrifts love to take a chance on DIY, but a design build contractor gets the work done at the right price quickly.

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