Does Your Living Room Suit Your Life-Style?

One of the nice things about a living room is that it can be designed to suit nearly any use. Some people use it strictly for entertaining guests, while others depend on its coziness as a gathering place for family and friends. The living room is generally one of the first rooms people see when they enter your home. It is sometimes taken for granted or neglected. Depending on your home’s size, there might be several rooms used for entertaining or watching entertainment. Are you getting the most out of your living room, or is it time for an interior design or a custom remodeling project from Foster Remodeling?


What is the main purpose for your living room? Do you only entertain guests there and use another room for family? Perhaps you rarely have visitors and spend a lot of time in the living room watching TV or using the Wii. The room may have a mixed purpose for family and guests. Consider how often people come to visit and, honestly, which room you always wind up in at the end of the night. If the answer was another room, you might have missed the purpose of your living room. A custom remodel can maximize the use of space in your home. How you use your living room now does not have the remain constant. Think about who presently uses it the most and how. This could be a dominating factor in how you choose to do a custom remodeling project with your living room.


We all have a tendency to gravitate toward the rooms we find most comfortable. Furniture, flooring and lighting have a large impact on the living room. Hardwood floors with elegant furniture and spot lighting makes the room more formal. Carpeting with soft furniture and recliners or ottomans makes the room more comfortable and less formal. A dimmer switch or remote control lighting can have a strong impact on the room’s expected purpose and affect its comfort level.


Is your TV is parked in the living room? For watching sports, movies and games, this might be the ideal spot. Take note of the focal point in your living room. Is it the TV, the fireplace or the furniture in the middle of the room gathered around a coffee table? The absence or presence of an entertainment center or sound system can change the room’s focal point and, therefore, its purpose.

If you are not using your living room regularly, contact our Foster Remodeling design team. We can help you decide what changes can be made to make your living room a more comfortable or more appropriate place for spending time with family or using it as an entertaining haven.

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