How to Change Your Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular home renovations people make. It not only adds to your property value, but it makes life faster, easier and more comfortable. Foster Remodeling can help you choose the ideal design for your kitchen remodeling project. One aspect to ponder is how to change your kitchen cabinets?

This will greatly affect the volume and extent of the changes you want to make with your kitchen remodeling project. You may be content with simply refacing the cabinets to five them a more modern look. On the other hand, you may want more space, more accessibility or to restructure your kitchen cabinets to feel – and look – more organized. An organized kitchen is easier to keep clean and move around in, making meal preparation and clean-up easier and faster, and making the kitchen space more comfortable.

Think about how you use your cabinets. If you do a lot of cooking at home, where do you keep your food? Who cooks the most? Consider whether that person has any issues with height, accessibility or strength with the cabinets. Think about how many cooks you typically have in the kitchen at the same time, and whether their accessibility to cabinets is hampered by lack of space.

Another consideration is the use of spices. Perhaps the jars have taken over the cabinets. They should be easy to reach and not fall out of the cabinets when the doors are opened. Canned and dry goods are also important parts of meal preparation. They should also be easy to reach and well organized for the cook or the snacker.

If you feel as there is not enough storage for food, pots, pans and dishes, that can probably be cured by renovating the kitchen cabinets in your Northern Virginia home. Perhaps make them bigger or change the number or size of the shelves in them. Our Foster Remodeling design team can help you determine what parts of your kitchen cabinets can be more useful than they are presently. We can also make them coordinate better with your appliances, flooring and lighting.

If your kitchen looks as if it is stuck in a past decade, this is also the time to change that. Color, materials, how the cabinet door and drawers open and what purpose the spaces serve can be changed to make your kitchen cabinets work better for you.

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