How to Make More Space With a Home Remodeling Project

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about how much room they have and how much more room they wish they had. Whether there are too many belongings and not enough storage space or too many people stepping on each other’s toes, the solution might be easier – and less expensive – than you think. You might be wondering what you can do to maximize the space in your home. There are basically 3 options to create more.

Changing the Purpose
The easiest way to create more space is to change the purpose of your existing space. For example, if the number of pots and pans you have no longer seem to fit in your kitchen cabinets, maybe you need more room. A Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling project can add cabinet space to existing walls. Foster Remodeling can add new cabinets or extend the old ones higher and wider. Another option is to convert the upstairs attic or downstairs basement into another bedroom, playroom or entertainment center. If the guest room is rarely used, but the kids are fighting over computer time or television use, it might be time to forego the guest room and add in a new entertainment center or set up a homework and study area.

One way to create more space is to knock down some walls and redesign the existing areas. Consider taking down some walls to create a larger kitchen. You may not have enough room to cook and eat, or the appliances may not be large enough to handle your needs. Another option is to create a great room. One of the more modern innovations in Northern Virginia custom remodeling projects, the great room takes advantage of wide open spaces for a combined kitchen, dining and living area. If your home does not have enough bath and shower space, look at what is around the half bath you have now. Could a closet or two be sacrificed to put in a shower? Is there unused space in the adjoining rooms? The old standby in redesign, of course, is to divide the unused attic or basement space into several usable rooms or storage areas.

Adding More

When all of the existing spaces have been used, added or divided, there is still another option to creating more space. Build an addition on your Northern Virginia home. Your carport could become a garage or double the size of your kitchen. If there is a lot of room in your backyard, what would it look like with one more bedroom extending behind your home? Converting your screened porch into a sunroom would create a recreational place for all weather, not just warm and sunny days.

When you get an idea of what you might like to do and how much you would like to spend, give us a call. We can help you formulate a plan to make better use of the space you have and create new areas you love.

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