Improve Kitchen Safety With A Remodel

A Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling project isn’t just about updating countertops and appliances for convenience and style. Safety in the kitchen is always something to consider. The number one cause of house fires and related injuries is cooking equipment. Outdated appliances are prone to malfunctions.

Older model stoves take longer to heat up and cool, making unattended hot surfaces a burn and fire hazard. Newer models heat up instantly, speeding up the cooking process. While at a glance waiting for an electric stove may simply be an annoyance, in reality it is a time waster that puts people in a hurry to finish cooking. A delay in getting started creates a delay in getting finished. Rushing around a kitchen with hot pots and pans is never safe.

Consider refrigerators that have been in use for a long time. Doors that stick and must be tugged open are a safety hazard, not to mention an inconvenience. Pulling too hard jars the contents and may cause it to tip over completely. Custom remodeling projects can eliminate these problems.

Appliances are not the only risks that can be improved with a kitchen remodeling project. It seems storage is always a challenge for homeowners, especially in the kitchen. The signs of it are probably there. Are you constantly tripping or bumping into certain items in your kitchen? Maybe that quaint “onions and ‘taters” box that you bought at the craft fair some years ago has become a huge dust collector that people trip on as they round the corner. The cabinet over the stove has great storage space, but trying to reach it is difficult, even with a stepstool. Every time you open the pantry door it squeaks. These are all signs that your storage compartments are out of date.

Having room for everything that is used regularly in a kitchen is crucial. If there are things sitting on the countertops because there is no room for them, this is a sure sign that a kitchen remodel is in order. You will need a custom remodeling contractor that understands how to create a safer kitchen area for your entire family.

At Foster Remodeling, our design-build program will help you find storage space you never realized you had. After taking kitchen measurements, plug in the different elements on the layout. This will help you find more room for bigger cabinets. Replacing bulky items with newer compact ones will conserve space needed for other things and a safer, more pleasant kitchen environment is key.

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