Increase Space With Bump-Outs In A Whole-Home Remodeling Project

When your home isn’t quite as comfortable as it used to be, it’s time to start rethinking the layout. By creating home additions, combining smaller rooms and bumping out portions of exterior walls, you can change the entire look and feel of your house. Using the design-build process on your Northern Virginia home remodeling project, you can make the most of your property to increase your comfort level and your living space. One way to do this is through bump-outs.

When building upwards with additional floors, add dormer windows for extra height and square footage. These are especially useful and attractive in homes with sloped ceilings underneath the roof.

Bay Windows
Add a breakfast nook with bay windows in the kitchen. Bump out the space a few feet farther in one section with scenic seating. Create a look-out or add a table for an eat-in kitchen.

Bench Seating
For extra space in the master bedroom or children’s room, use bench seating by the window. This adds about two feet to select sections of the exterior wall. The area beneath the bench seat can be used for extra storage space for toys, books or extra blankets.

Enhance your Northern Virginia remodeling project with some extra attention to outdoor spaces. Adding a bump-out to the second story creates an overhang to the first floor. Turn this now-covered space into an area of relaxation and outdoor enjoyment as a patio. Add furniture and accessories to make it a place for family and friends to spend time together.