Increase Your Living Space With A Second-Story Addition

One option people find when doing a home renovation is that due to certain restrictions in Northern Virginia zoning requirements, they may not be able to add on to their homes quite the way they envisioned. Depending on which county or city you are in, there are required easements for space between other homes and your property line. If it’s just a little more space that you need, all is not lost. Adding on does not have to mean building out; building up might be an option.

At Foster Remodeling, we do second floor home additions. Depending on the structure of your home, adding on a room or two over the first floor could be pretty straightforward and give you the extra space you need.

A front room over the garage, often referred to as a FROG, is a practical place for an at-home office, extra room for storage, or an additional bedroom for growing family. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your Northern Virginia home renovations.

Your garage or the part of the house beneath the addition will need a firm foundation and sound structure. For garages, the concrete must be thick enough to support the additional weight placed on it from the second floor. The support beams and ceiling structure should also be adequate. If not, it will need to be reinforced first.

Investigate what type of insulation, electrical and plumbing runs through that portion of the house on the first floor. We can advise you on what permits you may need to make improvements, depending on where in Northern Virginia you live.

When doing a second story home addition, a matching roof and roof angle help it to blend in better and look more aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the angle of the roof and the type of shingles, we can likely match both. A steep roof angle will likely reduce the ceiling space in the FROG.

Use our design build technology to get some ideas or meet with one of our consultants to come up with a plan to make your addition fill your needs.

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