Kitchen Backsplash Tiles


Many individuals find dressing up their kitchen backsplash to be quite overwhelming, mainly due to the endless amount of colors, materials, and layouts there are to choose from.  Websites like Pinterest and Houzz are great resources to spark creative ideas, but at the same time, people tend to get lost in the midst of all of the different styles and choices that are presented.  Here are a few steps that will help narrow down some selections.

Determine your style:
If you are looking for a classic design with ornate details and muted colors, a traditional kitchen is in order.

Perhaps, you are attracted to more of a minimalistic look, with cleaner and simpler lines.  Then a contemporary or modern kitchen is a preferable choice.

The transitional style is the happy middle between traditional and contemporary, and currently the most popular request at Foster Remodeling Solutions.



Set a budget:
Depending on the material and style, you can find tiles as low as $3/sqft to as high as $50/sqft.  Typically, as the tile decreases in size, the cost will rise.  So keep in mind, a sheet of 12×12 mosaic tile will be more costly than a solid 12×12 tile.
Generally, porcelain/ceramic tiles can range anywhere from $3-$8/sqft.

Natural stones, like marble and travertine are on the pricier end and because the character of materials vary greatly the price range varies along with it running anywhere from $8-$50/sqft. For decent quality natural stone tiles, you can expect to pay around $10-25/sqft.

Mosaic tiles come in many different formats: 1×1 stacked, random linear, hexagon, labyrinth, so on and so forth.  Depending on the material and format, generally it will cost somewhere from $8-$50/sqft.


Select a material:
Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a great option for your backsplash because they are stain and scratch resistant, and on top of that, they are less likely to fade due to sunlight.  Using a rag, with mild detergent and water is all you need to clean these tiles, making maintenance quite easy.
While natural stone tiles are beautiful and elegant, it is to be used with caution because of their porous characteristics.  Due to this very reason, you must remember to seal them every year.  They tend to crack and chip easily, making it difficult to install as well.
Glass tiles have increased in popularity over the years.  Its reflective properties give a more fun and fresh look to a space.  And you can imagine how easy it is to clean!


Choose a pattern:

Stacked tiles are simple and uniformed, which is great for those who are veering away from a busy kitchen.

Subway tiles are visually pleasing without being too elaborate and probably the most sought out look for backsplash tiles nowadays.

Random linear tiles are appealing in contemporary and transitional kitchens.  The movement and flow of the tiles helps the space from appearing too stagnant.


Add an accent:


Adding an accent tile will give decorative elements to your backsplash.  This will also help avoid from the backsplash from looking too bland.

Most of the times, the stove tends to be the focal point of a kitchen, and for that reason you’ll see an elaborate design behind the appliance to make it more prominent.  In this kitchen design, diamond insert tiles were also inserted along the straight 4×4 tiles, which make the overall design more interesting.

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written by: Mimi Lee—Design Consultant – Foster Remodeling Solutions