Kitchen Remodeling 101

The kitchen is the most used room in your home! When it comes to remodeling there are many challenges and opportunities. Over the years many things have changed in how we use our kitchens. It used to be a place to cook and that was it! Now the kitchen is the center of your home and it is used for more than just cooking.
When you entertain, how many people try to fit in your kitchen? Is the living space adjacent to your kitchen open or does a wall separate it. Many times a small amount of Interior Remodeling can create a Great Room and the addition of an island or peninsula can also improve the storage. Sometimes to achieve the goals for the kitchen an addition may be the optimal choice to create the kitchen that works BEST.

Remodeling a kitchen can be as simple as replacing the cabinets and countertops where they are and while this may represent a smaller investment in your home, will it be the best investment? The best investment is the one that hits your goals without compromises. When the remodeling process is not thorough you may not realize the compromises until after it is done.

To avoid the compromises, consider the following before remodeling:

First, how old is the kitchen? If it is more than 20 years old, in addition to new cabinets and countertops it may necessitate changes in the electrical for your appliances and lighting. Many older kitchens have only a centered light fixture that creates shadows in the main work areas. In addition, we now have more electrical devices in the kitchen. I have heard many times from clients about lights dimming when the garbage disposal is turned on.

Second, make a list of the things you like and don’t like in how the kitchen works now. This will ensure that you have a sense of the goals. If your contractor isn’t addressing your concerns without you bringing them up are they working towards your goals or theirs? With more than 27 years of experience at Foster Remodeling Solutions “Our Process Makes It Perfect”. We ask questions and listen to our clients and constantly look for ways to improve.

Third, Do you have enough storage? How are my work areas? Is it possible for two or more people to work in the kitchen at the same time?

In older kitchens most wall cabinets are only 30” tall either with open dust catching space above them or a soffit over the cabinets. In either case taller cabinets can create more storage space, keeping in mind that the upper space is best for infrequently used items. How does the storage work in your base cabinets? Older cabinets usually have half depth shelves minimizing what can be stored. Full depth roll out shelves can dramatically improve the storage without increasing the space. Cabinet layouts today can implement specific storage items such as pots and pans, spices, canned goods, or countertop appliances. Many of today’s cabinet manufacturers implement adjustable height shelves in wall cabinets and the shelves themselves are thicker than older versions. This feature by itself can maximize the designed function of your kitchen.

Your kitchen remodel should consider the impact on adjoining rooms and possibly look at the opportunities that designing changes to those spaces may have to the final outcome. Professional Design Build Remodeling firms such as Foster Remodeling Solutions will look at the options with you prior to committing to construction so you know what the expected end result is. This is important because no matter what the initial investment is, nothing is more expensive than changing it after it was done.

Get R Done – so you can enjoy it for years to come. If you have questions please call us at Foster Remodeling Solutions or visit us at our upcoming Open House in our office on October 23, 2010 between 2-5 PM.

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