Lighting Trends

Over the years, lighting has not only become a functional piece, but the focal point and statement of a space.   It is usually a rule of thumb to splurge on your lighting fixtures because they are the jewelry pieces of your home.  They make a huge difference and bring a touch of glamour whether it’s in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Drum Lighting Fixtures

drum-150x150   drum2-150x150

Drum pendant lighting has been popular for some time now, and continues to rise in popularity.  In the first picture, is one that is made of natural linen and emits a subtle sophistication to a room, whereas in the second image, the pendant hangs like an elegant center piece above the dining table.

Armillary Lighting Fixtures


Thanks to stores like Restoration Hardware, the industrial look has taken over the country by storm.  And for this very reason, armillary shaped lighting fixtures with early electric bulbs have become sought-after, usually in a family or living room.  In the second photograph, you can see that the armillary shaped light displays a touch of masculinity to a feminine space.

 Lantern Lighting Fixtures


Lanterns have become prominent in the kitchen, usually above an island and most of the time in pairs.  Because of its clear glass, more light is eluded and it gives a sense of bringing the outdoors in.

Recessed Lights


I’m sure everyone has seen round recessed lights, but not many have seen ones that are squared.  Also, if you haven’t noticed, the trimming is long gone, which means you need to find yourself an excellent dry waller.
So depending on the theme of your home, choosing the right lighting fixture is very important.  Aside from enhancing the surrounding furnishings, lighting can set the mood and character of your space.  Remember, a well-designed room will always have a focal point, and adding a light fixture will accomplish that goal.

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written by: Mimi Lee – Design Consultant