Make a Deck or Patio Your Next Custom Remodeling Project

There are many different reasons why people come to Foster Remodeling to add a deck to their home. It not only serves as a nice place to entertain, but also enhances the look and value of a house. It is a favorite Northern Virginia custom remodeling project that homeowners start to think about in the beautiful autumn weather. They look out their windows and see the leaves changing and falling off the trees into the yard, wishing there was a comfortable place to sit outside and enjoy it.

Now is the time to start thinking about adding a deck to the back yard to enhance your home. It takes some planning and a little time to secure the permits and materials. By spring, you will be ready for us to come in and begin construction. There are many reasons why Foster Remodeling customers want us to build these Northern Virginia home additions. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


When given a choice between buying a home with a deck or without, most people will choose the deck. It is aesthetically pleasing and adds a whole new dimension to a house. Especially for homes with very shady spots in the back yard where grass does not grow well, a deck can enhance the landscaping and cover over large areas that are lacking in natural beauty.

Place to Entertain

A deck is an ideal setting for entertaining guests on a warm summer day or a cool autumn one. Rather than packing a crowd of people into your house, there will always be plenty of room on your deck for family and friends. A fire pit, outdoor kitchen and state-of-the-art sound system will add atmosphere to the setting.


Every grill needs a home. Is it time to build one for yours? Think about what it would be like to come out through your sliding glass doors and step onto the deck or patio with a platter full of food waiting to be cooked on your grill. With a deck, there will be a level, solid surface to set up your pride and joy. Many homeowners find it easier to use an outdoor workstation when they are able to sit and enjoy themselves at a picnic table while keeping an eye on dinner.


For those with a pool in the backyard, a deck is a helpful tool. It prevents grass from dying due to chlorine water exposure. It is also more pleasant for bare feet to walk across wooden deck planks than stepping on stones. Another hazard for pool guests without a deck to walk across is the itch of grass, sting of insects and the annoyance of having debris stick to wet feet.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Perhaps the most popular reason people choose to have Foster Remodeling add a deck to their homes for a special home addition is simply so they can better enjoy the outdoors. While sitting in the grass certainly has its moments, it is also more pleasant to sit in clean and comfortable deck chairs. It serves as a nice workspace for projects and doing homework when the weather is nice.

When you are considering making the move toward a deck as your next home improvement project, contact our office. We can help you from the planning stages through completion, making sure that your new deck is completed on budget and on time.

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