Making Bedroom Space With a Northern Virginia Home Renovations

As your family grows and grows up, bedroom space becomes more important. Small children can share a room, but as they get older, privacy issues and places to put clothes and possessions usually cause problems. Finding extra space for another bedroom can come from a number of sources, depending on the current size of your home and how well developed the space already is. A Northern Virginia residential remodeling project can make better use of the space you have, and create space you may have overlooked. Aside from the obvious changes of the guest room to a nursery or the computer room to a bedroom, renovation to other areas of your home can create another bedroom and relieve stressful living.

When you first bought your home, you probably thought that someday you would finish the attic. Someday might be now. If you have pull-down steps, you will need to create more permanent and sturdy access with a full stairway. Heating, air conditioning, electricity and insulation are other considerations. Aside from that, you could create a few bedrooms upstairs in the attic, essentially doubling the number you have now. Not only does this help reduce tension, it also increases your home’s value.

Sectioning off the basement is one of the most straightforward ways to create another bedroom. Start your home remodeling project by considering how many rooms you need and what changes can be made by adding walls and a ceiling. Upgrades to flooring, electrical wiring and plumbing allow for great creativity and personalization.

While your garage may have been an absolute necessity at one time, it may have lost some of its appeal. Maybe you don’t have as many cars as you used to, or maybe it’s the last versatile piece of space in your home. Consider transforming your garage into another bedroom or two, depending on its size. This is an ideal Northern Virginia custom remodeling project that works for homes that cannot be built outward or upward due to zoning regulations. Another option is to add a room over the garage. The main remodeling focus would be on refinishing the walls, floor and ceiling.

If you are having bedroom space issues in your home, you might consider changing one of these areas into something more useful. In many cases, there is more than enough room to build not only a bedroom, but to use some of that space for other purposes, as well.

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