Northern Virginia Home Remodeling Projects: Going Beyond Bedrooms

One of the first thoughts in contemplating a home remodeling project in Northern Virginia is to create more bedroom space. The children may be growing up and need more room; older parents may be joining the household. While important, there are other additions and improvements beyond bedrooms that can be made to your Northern Virginia home that will further satisfy the need for space and comfort. When you’re planning how to incorporate new bedroom spaces into your house, keep in mind that home additions for other living spaces will increase your property value and make it a more enjoyable place to live. Doing it all at once through the design-build process gives it continuity and costs less than doing separate remodeling projects with different contractors.

Some other living spaces that will make your home more comfortable include quiet places for different household members and spaces where everyone can come together for some much-needed family time without feeling cramped.

Working Out
Adults in your household may be interested in having a workout room. This space can be outfitted with sound-proof materials to keep the room sheltered from the noises of daily living throughout the house while preventing the sounds of workout equipment from disturbing others. A state-of-the-art sound system will add musical enjoyment, making the workout room a place for motivation to stay in shape without having to leave your home.

Family Entertainment
An entertainment room should have comfortable seating for everyone to enjoy without anyone having to sit on the floor or in someone else’s lap. Stadium seating in front of a large screen makes movies and gaming systems a fun place to gather with family and friends or to sneak away for some private time with a favorite movie, game or TV show.

Create a new room in the back of your Northern Virginia home where you can sit and enjoy the enhanced outdoor landscaping without enduring first-hand the hot and humid summers or cold and snowy winters. A sunroom is a great place for kids to play games, adults to read books and magazines or to sit and chat with friends and neighbors.

Home Office
To accommodate the growing need for those who telecommute or need to work at home on occasion, consider a home office. Add in wireless capabilities, a spacious desk and even a separate entrance. It can be a place where children understand the boundaries of home versus office by incorporating a different design in furniture, phone systems and decor.

If you’re considering a Northern Virginia home remodeling project, Foster Remodeling can help you discover the possibilities through creating more bedrooms in your house while incorporating living spaces for quiet time and family time that will enhance your quality of life.

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