Planning for Double-Duty Spaces in a Home Remodeling Project

One of the latest trends in home improvement is the creation of convertible spaces. While you may have a regular use of a room in mind, there might be a few times during the year when you wish you could use it for something else. Plan ahead for those times when you’re doing a Northern Virginia home remodeling project. Here are three ways you can do a home interior remodeling project that pulls double duty without a lot of extra effort and expense.

If you’re not quite sure about dividing a room in half permanently to create an extra bedroom, do it temporarily. Use a folding partition to create two rooms from one in your Northern Virginia home. The latest in home remodeling trends include sliding glass or mirror doors for double duty temporary walls when needed. Another option is to use accordion partitions. This transforms the bedroom or playroom into a place where the kids can have their own spaces without short-changing the grown-ups on a computer room or craft area. This works especially well when college kids are home for the summer, but don’t want to lose their bedroom completely the other nine months of the year.

Pull-out sofas have long been the stand-by for overnight house guests. They are not always the most comfortable, but are a place for friends to sleep or sick children to watch TV on a day home from school. There are two popular trends for extra sleeping spaces that you can add in to your remodeling design phase. Build a loft or use a hide-a-bed in your bedroom. A loft leaves room to put a bed or couch under the loft frame, with a mattress above it. This is more sophisticated than a bunk bed, and makes a great use of bedroom space, especially for high school or college age kids. The hide-a-bed is a wall unit with a pull-down feature that is available at a moment’s notice. It works well for the few times a year you have house guests, but lets you use the room as an office, sunroom or living room the other 350-plus days of the year.

Extra appliances might be something you’ve only dreamed of having for the handful of times each year when you entertain, but never thought you would have enough space to really implement. If you’re doing an interior remodel on your Northern Virginia home, carve out an extra storage room for a full-size freezer, wine cellar or portable ice maker. Add full plumbing for a convenient place to wash the dogs, add a washer and dryer or keep holiday decorations. The purposes might be unrelated, but sharing the space makes sense. Add in shelves with pull-down doors to cover the appliances, and it always looks conveniently clean and organized.

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