Planning for your Remodeling Project

75677265Spring is finally upon us and it is now time to begin working on the list of home remodeling items we spent all winter thinking about (when we weren’t shoveling).  The main areas in the home we have seen a greater focus on this year is in the kitchen/eating area and hall or master bathrooms.  These projects have been driven either out of necessity due to leaking faucets, malfunctioning appliances, or out of the desire to rid the home of the 1950 pink tile and plumbing fixtures with the wooden toilet seat cover.

In years past when the “I need more space” demand came up in conversation the immediate solution would be “let’s build an addition”.  In today’s economy along with declining housing values building an addition may not be feasible or a cost effective solution.  The addition may not have been the best option all along.  The existing space, if configured correctly, could be more than sufficient.

Planning Strategies

  • Perform a spatial study outside of the existing kitchen or bathroom defined parameters.
    • If by removing an interior wall can we gain additional storage space by adding an island or coffee/wet bar?
    • Replacing the Walk-in Pantry with a series of 18-24” deep floor to ceiling pantry cabinets.
    • Does the Laundry Room need to be separate from the Kitchen or can we integrate the spaces?
    • Are there too many cooks in the kitchen due to poor travel routes?
    • If the refrigerator was on the other side of the space would that elevate the traffic back up when the kids come home from school and while I prepare dinner?
    • Can the existing Master Bedroom walk-in closet be reduced in sized to increase the size of the shower? 18” in order to add that bench seat?
    • Do we use the vanity in between the Master Bathroom and the Walk-in closet?
    • The standard 5’ long vanity with double bowls requires his and her shifts in order to get ready at the same time.
  • Capture existing spaces:
    • Banquet seating or built-in bench seating as apposed to a free standing table and chair can save space by eliminating one or more travel routes.
    • Replacing the breakfast table with peninsula seating.
    • Reconfigure the L shaped kitchen with island into a U shaped kitchen with a peninsula to again eliminate 36”-48” of travel routes.
    • Downsize the existing laundry room by replacing the side-by-side models with the more energy efficient stackable units.
    • Capturing a portion or all of the sitting area adjoining the Master Bathroom or Walk-in Closet in order to expand two spaces.
    • By removing the spacing eating never used soaking tub the existing space can be reconfigured to increase the size of the shower or divide into his and hers vanity area.
  • Form and function of Installed items:
    • Adjust depth of cabinetry from the standard 24” to 18” to accommodate travel routes.
    • After the design has met the necessary countertop or food prep area explore using 12”-15” deep wall cabinet which come down to the countertop.  The bottom portion of these cabinets to be additional drawers, glass front doors for display pieces, or appliance garages.
    • Pull out trays and dividers inside of the cabinetry will increase it’s function.
    • Adding a small bay or bow window in the Kitchen or the Master Bathroom.  The unit can act as a plant shelf or ledge in the Kitchen or it can be used to expand the foot print of the existing Bathroom in order to add the jetted or soaking tub by incorporating the tub into the bay area.
    • Avoid purchasing and installing appliances that are too large for the space.  A 10’x10’ Kitchen can not accommodate a cook top and a double oven.  Conversely, it can not support a 48” free standing range and its hood.
    • Think vertically by adding tall linen cabinets or again wall cabinets which rest on the countertop in the bathrooms.  The wall cabinets can define and divide spaces (his and hers) as well as replace medicine cabinets.
    • Master Closet:
      • Can I replace the existing freestanding dresser with built-in shelving in the existing closet?
      • Replace single rods and shelf with a double rods and shelf.

As you can see there maybe ways to reconfigure the existing spaces without   adding the additional space.  Sit down and think about how you and your family use the adjacent spaces not just the Kitchen or the Bathroom.  You may find that we can elevate the concerns by addressing the other areas.  In many cases the space is sufficient, but the traffic flow is causing the pile up.

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