Remodeling your Split-level home

split-levelSplit-level homes first appeared in the 1930s but became popular after World War II, in the 1950s and 60s. Today, many split-level homes feel dated and in need of remodeling. The classic split-level home generally includes a one-story side and a two-story side. In the single story, you may have the entry, living room, kitchen and dining room. On the two-story side, you usually have bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, and a family room, laundry room and garage downstairs. As a result, you have three (sometimes more) levels in the home, with half-flights of stairs connecting each level. Another common split-level design is the split-entry. This is basically a two-story house with an entry in between. When you enter a split-entry house, you walk onto a landing between two half-flights of stairs. You have to go up or down to get to any part of the house.

Here are a few ways you could change your split level home:
◦    Expand the front entry and create a more distinct porch. Whether you have a classic split-level or a split-entry, one of the most common complaints among split-level owners is the awkward front entry. If you don’t want to expand the entry itself, add a more accentuated approach. This will make the home more inviting. Balconies and covered porches will also break up the boxy design often found in split-level homes.

◦    Add windows. Split-level homes typically don’t have windows on the sides of the house, and if they do, they are small. Adding windows will bring much-needed natural light to an otherwise dark and confined floor plan. Remember that windows change the inside and the outside of a house. Consult with a window designer or an architect to make sure your window choice and placement will add curb appeal.

◦    Open the floor plan. Adjoin the kitchen, formal living room and dining room to create a more open design than the traditional split-entry home. People live a much more casual lifestyle then they did back when traditional split-level homes were popular. For example, today people gather in the kitchen –it is a place to entertain guests. Fifty years ago, the kitchen was rarely, if ever, seen by a guest.

◦    Create a master suite. Remove the wall between two bedrooms to create a master suite. Split-level homes often have small adjacent bedrooms and a small bathroom close by. This could be a perfect setup to easily create a master suite.

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