Repairing Minor Storm Damage Now Prevents Major Damage Later

With the recent passing of severe storms in the Northern Virginia area, your property may have sustained damage from the torrential downpours, flooding and high winds. If you haven’t already surveyed the damage for home exterior damage, this might be a good time to do so. Wind and water damage on your home’s exterior can create wood rot, open up cracks and crevices and create moisture damage to your home’s exterior. Small openings can later become big ones, allowing water, insects and wildlife to enter your home. Fixing small problems when they first happen is much faster, easier and less expensive than letting them go unattended and giving them time to grow more serious. The more serious they are, the more complicated and more expensive these problems are to fix.

Take a walk around your home’s exterior and look for things that have moved, floated or blown to new locations in your yard or on your home’s structure. Some things may be easy to remedy yourself, such as raking up scattered leaves and pine straw, turning over tipped planters or pushing deck furniture and lawn decorations back into place. You might find more serious problems, however, like loose siding, bent or hanging gutters and downspouts, damaged soffits, deck and wooden railing or fence damage. These are things that should be taken care of right away before they morph into even bigger problems. If you don’t have the time, the skill or the interest in being your own Northern Virginia handyman, make a list and give Foster Remodeling a call. We can give you an estimate and help you get the little things taken care of before they become big things.

Our Northern Virginia handyman services cover a variety of home repair areas, including storm damage to fascia and soffit repair; gutter cleaning and repair; deck sealing, cleaning, installation and repair; and wood rot. We also cover interior honey-do projects that might need attention, like drywall and plaster repairs, window replacement and installation, flooring projects and caulking and grout work.