Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels for Your Home in Woodbridge VA

Did you know that your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most fun rooms to renovate and remodel inside your house? A little change here and there can make a big difference to your home’s overall appearance and appeal. Take a look at these ideas below.

1. Work around a fun and unique theme.


Having the same bathroom look as everybody else can be so boring, it will make you want to shower less. Trips to the bathroom will be quick and troublesome, you totally won’t enjoy every second of it. A fun theme for your bathroom remodeling in Woodbridge VA will definitely transform the space. Here are some examples:

Under The Sea

This is perfect for mom’s whose kids never fails to put up a fight every time bath time is mentioned. When the walls are painted bright with images of colorful sea creatures and corals, your bathroom will look like an underwater paradise. Shimmery opalescent tiles with a mixture of blue, teal, turquoise, sea green, lavender, and silver colors can help you recreate a mermaid’s tail — a feature any woman will adore.

Tropical Vibes

For those who always feel like they are deprived of their dream summer vacation, a master bath with a tropical design will patch up your growing thirst for a holiday. An open space surrounded by greenery and mini palm trees will create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. You can place a marble tub right in the middle, make sure it faces the sun, and surround it with a wooden mosaic backsplash. Not only will it make you feel like you’re in a 5-star spa in the Maldives, but it will also promote one of the best atmospheres in pampering yourself.

2. Revisit the past and travel back in time.


Movies have a knack of digging up trendy and classic pieces from the past. They make you want to be a 50’s housewife or a well-off lady in the Victorian era. There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel like one in this modern age. A successful kitchen remodeling in Woodbridge VA can make it possible. Try doing these:

Recreate a 50’s Kitchen Diner

Remember those bright red couches and mounted countertops? Think about having your pancakes and coffee in it during slow, lazy mornings. Framed jerseys as well as cheerleading uniforms make a great accessory too, especially if it’s something you own back then. You can complete the look with bright neon signs, easy to wipe stainless stove tops, and diamond-shaped tiles in black and white. All the more perfect if you can whip up an old jukebox.

Do a Romantic Victorian Kitchen

There is something feminine and catchy about a Victorian styled kitchen. Perhaps it’s the soft yellow-toned lighting and the tall rectangular windows. This featured brings just enough light into the room. It doesn’t blind you as you move about, so it can be very calming. Intricately carved cabinets with glass doors, elegant hardwares, and a rusty finish will make you feel like you’re in an English manor. Who wouldn’t want to experience such a thing?

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