Smart Remodeling

“Smart Remodeling”

In today’s current economic environment we’ve seen a shift in remodeling trends from the “Like to Have Done” projects to the “Need to Have Done” projects.  The new construction boom of the last decade and subsequent new housing bust along with the overall aging inventory of housing has left many homeowners with properties in need of maintenance and updates.  The desire to spend lavishly on luxury projects has waned in favor of the smart remodel.  Instead of the large addition or gourmet kitchen, we are seeing smaller updates in multiple areas of the house.

Bathroom-2The bathroom renovation has overtaken the kitchen in the last 18 months as the project of choice for many homeowners. When a bathroom reaches the end of its useful life, years of minor neglect can present hidden damage that necessitates a “need to have done” update.  There is typically more than one bathroom in a house so the impact of the remodeling process is lessened. Changes in building codes over the years also provide the homeowner with an opportunity to improve the safety and functionality of the space.  Pressure balance shower valves that prevent scalding, lower flow toilets that actually flush, concrete backer board in wet areas and exhaust fans that help prevent mold growth are all changes that improve the functionality of the bathroom. In addition, updated bathrooms typically provide one the highest average returns on investment of any remodeling project.

Other areas of the house are also targeted in the “Smart Remodeling” trend.  Replacing rotten exterior trim with maintenance free PVC trim andchanging pressure treated railing and decking to maintenance free composite materials are also on the increase.  Covering painted siding with vinyl, wrapping wood trim with aluminum and installing gutter guards help provide an update in curb appeal along with eliminating the seasonal exterior maintenance that most homeowner’s dread.

Other interior spaces also show their age and are frequent targets for the “Smart Remodel”.  Updating appliances, flooring and countertops in the kitchen as well as adding recessed and under cabinet lighting help improve the function and aesthetic of the space without breaking your budget.  Patching walls, adding decorative molding and a fresh coat of paint can provide an inexpensive and dramatic update.

Federal energy tax credits have helped homeowners with “Smart Remodeling” projects as well.  Window replacement, heating and air conditioning upgrades and insulation improvements all qualify for the tax credits and help to offset the initial cost and target projects that will help save the homeowner future energy costs down the road.

With over 27 years of experience, Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. excels at managing all of the components of the typical “Smart Remodel”.  Using in-house carpenters along with an in-house electrician, Foster Remodeling can effectively schedule and complete jobs in multiple areas of the home on time and on budget.  Our well appointed design and selection center along with on staff architect and interior designer help to streamline the material selection process and limit the need to travel all over town to plan a project.  Manufacturer’s direct buying power and strategic partnerships help to ensure a high level of value to any client endeavoring to complete a “Smart Remodeling” project.

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