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Organize your Kitchen with Custom Cabinets

To more and more homeowners the kitchen is no longer just a secluded space in the back of the house to prepare meals.  It has become a multi-functional hub and the true heart of the home. As the open floorplan concept continues, kitchens are being located in the center of the home. Having an organized… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Floors and Cabinets

If you’re facing a remodeling project for your home and are concerned about the environment, you may be wondering how you can incorporate eco-friendly flooring and cabinetry into the rooms in your house. What are the best types of green products and materials to use that won’t put undue stress on the environment? Let’s explore… Read more »

Spring Cleaning

Spring Renewal and Home Maintenance Spring is here!  That means baseball games, flowers blooming and… spring cleaning?  Yes, with longer daylight hours and open windows, we all start seeing (and feeling) the dust that has accumulated over the past winter months.  Spring is the time for replenishing, repairing, and revamping, so why not some remodeling? … Read more »